Program Highlights

2012-2013 Grant Year
Inaugurated: October 1995

  • 247 Students served by the Program since 1995
  • 95 McNair participants who have participated in other TRIO Programs
  • 10 Program Graduates for 2012-2013
  • 212 Students graduated with baccalaureate degrees since 1995
  • 5 Students accepted into Master’s programs for the 2011-2012 academic year
  • 33 Students currently enrolled in graduate programs
  • 89 Students graduated with Master’s degrees since 1995
  • 6 Students currently enrolled in doctoral programs
  • 15 Students graduated with doctoral degrees since 1995
  • 200+ Students who have presented at local, regional and/or national conferences
  • 200+ Students published in undergraduate journals
  • 14 Students who have participated in the EPSCoR program through WSU McNair Program.

Faculty who served as research mentors are from the following disciplines:
Biological Sciences, Communication, Community Affairs, Criminal Justice, Curriculum and Instruction, Mathematics, Music, Physical Therapy, Physicians Assistant, Psychology, and Sociology

Grad School Bootcamp 2012

Group picture celebrating Christmas in 2004 Graduating student (Peter Phan) Graduating student (Crishel Kline) Picture of graduating seniors Group picture at Heartland Conference 2005

Group picture at Heartland Conference 2006 2005 Graduate: Carmen 2005 Graduate: Cat 2006-OSU Campus Visit 2006 TRIO DAY's poster