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Honors College Curriculum

The Honors College offers multiple Honors distinctions, ranging from a 12-credit Emory Lindquist Honors Scholar transcript distinction, to a 12-credit Honors Interdisciplinary Track, to a 24-credit Minor in University Honors, to an Honors Baccalaureate (H.B.) conferred by the Honors College. Learn more from the information below.

For detailed Honors College curriculum requirements, please see the Honors Curriculum Check Sheet (PDF).

Honors Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate understanding of the scholarship behind at least two disciplines’ or professions’ core principles/practices;
  • Communicate effectively across disciplines and/or professions;
  • Address an urgent intellectual question, creative debate, or real-world problem through research or creativity activity;
  • Contribute to an intellectual, creative, or civic community;
  • Reflect on individual development.

Emory Lindquist Honors Scholar Program
Students who complete the Honors Scholar Program requirements earn a transcript designation. Honors students are expected to take at least one Honors course (3 credit hours) each year. These courses are scheduled to fit within the first-semester cohort course schedule.

Honors Interdisciplinary Tracks
Students who complete an Honors Interdisciplinary Track earn a transcript designation.

University Honors Minor
Students who complete the 12-credit Emory Lindquist Honors Scholar Program and a 12-credit Honors Interdisciplinary Track earn the University Honors Minor and the diploma designation “University Honors." For more detailed information, please see the University Honors Minor Check Sheet (PDF).

Honors Baccalaureate
Students who complete the University Honors Minor, 3 credit hours of thesis work and 36 credits of major coursework in two to three academic areas are eligible for an Honors Baccalaureate.

Departmental Honors Tracks
Some departments and colleges within Wichita State University offer the opportunity to receive honors recognition through their majors.

Honors Options Contract
The Honors Options Contract allows students to work with their instructors to earn Honors credit for most regular WSU classes.

Suggested Course Sequence
An approximate example of what a journey through Honors would look like. There are different examples for incoming freshmen and transfer students. If you have specific questions about your situation, please call us at (316) 978-3375.

Useful Information

  • A minimum overall GPA of 3.25 is required for the Emory Lindquist Honors Scholar Program and Interdisciplinary Tracks
  • Meeting with your departmental and honors advisors each semester is strongly recommended.
  • Many honors courses also satisfy general education requirements. Check with your advisor to ensure your course selections are efficient.
  • Honors coursework can include Independent Study, Cooperative Education and Internships—just make sure you register for these under the designated Honors numbers. Contact Honors for more information.