Honors Stripe

Apply to the Dorothy and Bill Cohen Honors College

Admission to Honors is by a competitive application process. Honors Applications are reviewed monthly from November 1st to March 1st. Applications received after March 1st are reviewed as spaces become available. You will receive notification of the Honors Application decision by WSU email.

This application times out after 30 minutes. We suggest you compose your answers to the essay questions in Word or another text editor and copy and paste them into the boxes below. Then review your answers to make sure they are complete before you submit your application.

Admission Requirements

For students entering WSU with fewer than 24 hours of college credit,

  • a minimum high school GPA of 3.7
  • Or composite ACT score of 27 (SAT 1280)

For students with 24 or more hours of college credit,

  • a minimum college GPA of 3.5
  • Or composite ACT score of 27 (SAT 1280)

Special Exception: Students who do not meet the ordinary admission requirements are invited to apply to Honors. Make sure to check the special exception box on the application and give your reasons for applying to Honors. All special exception requests are reviewed by the Honors College Dean.

To Apply

To apply to the Cohen Honors College, log in to the online application form. You will need your WSU ID number and password to login.

You will write up to a two-page personal statement in order to be considered for admission and Honors College Scholarships. Note: The application system will time out after 30 minutes.  We recommend that you complete your essay in advance and cut and paste it into the application.

Honors-to-Honors Transfer

Students who transfer to WSU having completed all or part of an Honors Program at a community college should speak to the Honors College Advisor about having those credits counted toward University Honors. Click here to find out more about Honors-to-Honors credit transfer.

Questions? Contact honors@wichita.edu or 316-978-3375.