Faculty Mentor Award

2017 Douglas Parham

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Stephen Brady

2016 Elaine Bernstorf

2015 Stephen Brady

Faculty in Honors

Top faculty from across campus get involved with Honors. Approximately 65 faculty members teach and serve in Honors each semester. Honors Faculty Fellows are selected each year to develop Honors courses and curricula, mentor students, advise the dean on Honors matters, and help Honors benefit the campus and the community. Each year, the students recognize an Honors faculy member with the coveted Honors mentor award. 

Any faculty member may propose an Honors College special topics seminar course to experiment with course design and content, to pose interdisciplinary questions, or to supplement current department offerings. Submit your ideas on the Honors Course Topic Proposal form online. Our Honors Course Criteria may help to guide faculty who are considering developing an honors experience within a current course or who are working with a student on an independent Honors Option Contract. 

Outside of the classroom, faculty may serve as an undergraduate research mentor or as a member of the Cohen Honors College Faculty Council, the faculty governance board that oversees curriculum and academic affairs for the college.

Please join us for a Faculty Workshop in Honors this year. All WSU faculty and staff are welcome. All Honors teaching faculty are asked to attend at least one faculty workshop each year to share ideas and build faculty community.

  • Honors, Uniscope and You
    Thursday, October 19th
    Shocker Hall Multi-Use Room A132
  • Creating an Honors Course? Student Impact and Tenure/Promotion
    Wednesday, November 15th
    Shocker Hall Multi-Use Room A132
  • Upcoming workshops:
    Honors College Course Creation and Student Research– February
    Designing an Honors Course with Professional Outcomes - April

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