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Cohen Honors College Faculty

Faculty from departments and colleges across campus regularly teach Honors seminars and department courses.  Each April, five Honors Faculty Fellows are selected by a competitive process to serve as mentors to Honors students, teach HNRS 101 Introduction to the University, and develop Honors curriculum options.

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Faculty Teaching Honors Courses

JPEG ImageDr. Peter Cohen, PhD in Education and Psychology, The University of Michigan. In 2007, Dr. Cohen completed a leadership program through Kennedy School at Harvard University. In 2014, he marks his 42nd year as a university teacher. Dr. Cohen has been internationally recognized for his research in the area of faculty evaluation and development. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and the American Educational Research Association. He served as Dean of the College of Health Professions from 1998-2013, and now directs WSU’s Leadership Academy, as well as being a Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Public Health Sciences. Dr. Cohen is on the faculty of the Kansas Leadership Center. His academic interests include leadership development and organizational change. He has taught in the Honors College at WSU since 1999.

JPEG ImageDr. Robin Henry, PhD in US History, Indiana University, Bloomington. Dr. Henry is a professor in the Department of History. She teaches courses on the history of women, gender, and sexuality; the US constitutional and legal history; 20th century civil rights movements, and the history of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (1865-1920). Her own research examines the intersections between sexuality and law in the early 20th century American West.


JPEG ImageDr. Ni’s research focuses on different aspects of visual information processing in driving, including depth/distance perception, motion perception, attention, and object recognition. Dr. Ni was trained in psychophysics in studying the perception of subjective figures in motion and depth perception in stereopsis. During his seven years as a postdoctoral researcher at two campuses at the University of California, he extended his research to distance perception in real-world scenes and driving and aging research. Since Dr. Ni became an assistant professor at Wichita State University, he became more interested in age-related changes in visual functions and the associated declines in driving performance for older drivers. One particular topic that interests him most is to examine the effect of training using a perceptual learning paradigm on recovering (at least partially) age-related deficits in visual functions to reduce accident risks among older adults.

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Dr. Mark Porcaro, PhD in Musicology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His research is in 20th- and 21st-century music theory, lute and guitar music and history, and music in the United States - especially music in recording, radio broadcasting, and film.



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Dr. Trisha Self, PhD, 1991, Wichita State University. Her research focuses on Autism Spectrum Disorders, augmentative/assistive communication systems, and working with children diagnosed with complex communication needs.




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Honors Faculty Fellows 2014-15

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Larry Spurgeon (Fellows' committee chair), BBA in Finance, JD. He teaches business law, insurance and risk management, and business ethics. His research focuses on academic freedom and the First Amendment.





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Elaine Bernstorf, BME & MME in Special Music Education, PhD in Communicative Disorders and Sciences. Her work includes special music education, arts integration and voice disorders.





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Michael Hall, BA in Political Science, M.PIA. in International Affairs, PhD in Political Science. His work focuses on finance, politics, and international relations.




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Douglas Parham, PhD in Communication Sciences and Disorders. His research focuses on child and infant speech development and speech breathing.





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Jeremy Patterson, PhD in Clinical Exercise Physiology. His research is in the area of blood flow changes and adaptations in individuals with cardiac and/or metabolic conditions.