Benefits for Honors Students

The Cohen Honors College is designed to challenge highly motivated and academically talented undergraduate students through coursework and faculty mentoring. We offer special topics general education seminars for small groups of students, and we support upper-level departmental and interdisciplinary Honors tracks that culminate in innovative research, creative activity, or teaching.

Honors seeks to create a learning environment
centered on the philosophy
"not more work, more meaningful work."

General Education Seminars
Each semester, Honors offers several seminar-style classes that fulfill general education requirements. Honors seminars are small, with an average enrollment of eight students, and topics vary. Many of these courses fulfill general education introductory requirements. A smaller number of courses fulfill general education issues and perspectives requirements.

Support for Applied Learning
Honors encourages students to participate in internships, study abroad, and community service. We offer Cohen Enhancement Scholarships of up to $4000 for applied learning.

Specialized Advising
Honors offers students advanced academic writing and research seminars designed to prepare for top graduate and professional schools. The Dean works with students to identify faculty mentors and other professional advising opportunities across campus. Honors students are encouraged to meet with the Dean about graduate and professional school applications and national scholarship applications. Learn more about our advising process.

Honors Community
Honors organizes lecture, workshops, and social events for students and faculty.

Priority Enrollment
Members of the Cohen Honors College have access to priority enrollment. Priority enrollment allows Honors students to register first each semester and particularly helps students who are pursuing double majors/degrees.

Graduation with Distinction
Students who successfully complete the Honors requirements will have "Honors Program Graduate" recorded on their official Wichita State University transcript, if they entered the Honors program before Fall 2014. Those who enter Fall 2014 or later will have the opportunity for transcript and diploma designations, as well as an option for an Honors Minor or Honors Baccalaureate.