Frequently Asked Questions






What are the benefits of being a Cohen Honors College student?

  • Cohen Honors students enjoy:
      • a community of high-achieving students.
      • small, discussion-based classes and faculty mentorship.
      • guidance and financial support for undergraduate research, study abroad, community service experiences and internships.
      • a local and international professional alumni network.
      • the Honors Lounge, accessible 24/7, with computers, study space and free printing.
      • priority enrollment for classes.
      • graduation with distinction.
      • an education they design.

How do Honors courses differ from regular courses?

  • The main difference between Honors courses and regular courses isn't workload but the approach taken to the material. The typical Honors course takes a more participatory approach to learning - less lecture, more discussion. Most Honors courses are smaller than regular courses – Honors seminars are capped at 15 students.

 What are the requirements to graduate from the Honors College?

  • There are five ways to earn an honors distinction on one’s transcript or diploma. Most Honors students start by working toward the Emory Lindquist Honors Scholar distinction, a 12 credit-hour track that combines Honors general education courses with academic research and creative activity. Visit the Honors Curriculum page to learn about the other 4 ways to graduate with an Honors distinction.

How will my GPA be affected if I take Honors Courses?

  • Statistics show that Honors students earn higher grades in their Honors courses than in their regular courses.

If I am not a member of the Cohen Honors College, may I take an Honors course?

  • Yes--students who are not members of the Cohen Honors College are able to enroll in one honors seminar (HNRS) course. If you are not currently a member of the Cohen Honors College but you wish to take an Honors seminar course, you may submit an application for permission into the class.

How do Honors students sign up to live on the Honors floor?

  • Honors students are invited to live and learn with motivated and creative peers in the Honors Living-Learning Community in Shocker Hall. Students join the Honors LLC for many reasons, but all are driven by a love of learning. The ideal student for the Honors LLC is one who enjoys scholarship, craves challenges, appreciates a diverse perspective on current issues, and wants to be connected with likeminded students. To sign up for the Honors LLC, go to the Housing and Residence Life website.

How do I get involved in Honors Student Council or the W.H.E.A.T. student organization?

  • Being a part of the Honors Student Council and WHEAT is a great opportunity to have your voice heard while making a serious impact on your, and fellow Honors students, educational and Honors experience.

What are the requirements to remain in good standing with the Honors College?

  • Remain in good standing in the Cohen Honors College by:
    • maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.25,
    • taking at least 3 Honors credits each year (one Honors class per year), and
    • enrolling in and successfully completing at least 12 credit hours at WSU each semester (fall and spring).
  • If you should fail to meet one of these requirements, come in to speak with an advisor at the Honors College.

If I leave Honors later, do my credits still count?

  • Honors courses remain on your transcript as Honors courses; they still satisfy other university requirements (e.g. Gen Ed requirements) that they satisfied when you took them.

How will anyone know I graduated "with Honors" or "with Highest Honors"?

  • Every Honors class you take is specially designated as such on your transcript. If you successfully complete all the requirements for Honors College graduation, you will be eligible to obtain a stole or medallion from the Honors College to wear during Commencement. Your diploma and official transcript will reflect your Honors designation.
  • ***Latin Honorscum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude – are not affiliated with the Cohen Honors College. These honors distinctions are based solely on the student’s GPA.

How can I request to override or modify one (or more) of the Honors Requirement(s)?

  • At the Cohen Honors College we highly value flexibility. We trust our students with their plans of education. If an Honors requirement isn’t making sense to you or if you desire to modify any of the requirements, please visit our Appeals for Exceptions page and check out our Forms page.”


Who is eligible to apply to the Cohen Honors College?

  • The Cohen Honors College welcomes applications from students of any major. Incoming freshmen, current WSU students and transfer students are encouraged to apply.
    • Students entering WSU with fewer than 24 hours of college credit should have a minimum high school GPA of 3.7 OR a composite ACT score of 27
    • Students with 24 or more hours of college credit should have a minimum college GPA of 3.5 OR a composite ACT score of 27
    • Transfer students who meet all requirements of the Honors Admission policy are welcome to apply! Six to twelve credit hours of honors from another institution may be accepted as transfer honors credit with the Honors Dean's approval.
  • Students who do not meet the ordinary admission requirements are invited to apply to Honors. Make sure to check the special admission box on the application and give your reasons for applying to Honors. 
  • Click here to apply!

When should I apply?

  • Honors Applications are reviewed monthly from November 1st to March 1st. All high school seniors who apply by a priority date of December 1st will be eligible for the Honors College Merit Scholarship of $500 a year for up to four years. After December 1st, merit scholarships will be awarded when funds are available. Applications received after March 1st are reviewed as spaces become available.  You will receive notification of the Honors Application decision by WSU email.


I just received my acceptance letter to the Cohen Honors College--can I start signing up for honors classes?

  • Yes, beginning the first Monday of enrollment week. And congratulations for becoming a new member of the Cohen Honors College!
  • New to WSU? First sign up for orientation and pre-advising with the Office of Transitions and Orientations.


What courses does Honors offer?

  • Click here to find out about our different courses!
  • Several Honors special-topics seminars (HNRS Courses) are offered by the Cohen Honors College every semester. Most HNRS courses fulfill General Education requirements.
  • In addition, “H” or “honors” Courses such as COMM 111H or PSY324H are offered by individual academic departments each semester. Sometimes these classes are “piggybacked” with a regular section of the class and Honors students are given a special assessment, project or assignment to elevate the level of learning.
  • Students also may request a special assessment or project to earn Honors credit for almost any course.  Honors Option Course contracts are arranged between an individual Honors student and his/her professor.

How do internships work with the Honors College and Honors electives?

  • The Honors College provides credit for approved academic internships. These internships count for one Honors elective (3 credit hours) given they meet our requirements. If you are interested in how internships fit into your major and about making them work towards your Honors degree, set up a meeting with your Honors Advisor.

How does study abroad work with the Honors College and Honors electives?

  • In order to support the enriching experiences of cultural immersion the Honors College provides credit for academically strong study abroad programs. Students can earn one Honors elective (3 credit hours) towards their Honors degree by completing study abroad courses, and may apply Cohen Enhancement Scholarship to support their travel. For more specifics about how this process works, talk to your Honors Academic Advisor.