Frequently Asked Questions

1. Isn't my GPA likely to suffer if I take Honors Courses?

Statistics show that Honors students earn higher grades in their Honors courses than in their regular courses.

2. How do Honors courses differ from regular courses?

Most are smaller - with a few exceptions, Honors seminars are capped at 15 students. The typical Honors course takes a more "participatory" approach to learning - less lecture, more discussion, class projects, etc.

3. Don't Honors courses require more work?

The basic difference between Honors courses and regular courses isn't workload but the approach taken to the material. Overall, Honors course workloads are typical of good, solid courses university-wide.

4. If I leave Honors later, do my credits still count?

Honors courses remain on your transcript as Honors courses; they still satisfy other university requirements (e.g. Gen Ed requirements) that they satisfied when you took them.

5. Can I take Honors courses if I am not enrolled as an Honors student?

With rare exceptions, no. Access to Honors seminars is a privilege of membership in the Honors College. Students who want to sign up for courses but who are not enrolled are prevented from doing so.

6. Why should I take Honors courses? 

The main reason, of course, is to get something valuable from them. We hope the subject matter and approach of the seminars are appealing. But another reason to take Honors courses is to challenge yourself. Honors students aspire to high achievement and make decisions that help them accomplish it. Additionally, there are these benefits of membership in the Honors College:

  • Priority Enrollment
  • General Education Seminars
  • Experience-Based Learning
  • Specialized Advising and Networking
  • Honors Living-Learning Community
  • Graduation with Distinction

7. How do I graduate with Honors?

Honors students should look at our general requirements to learn how they can complete the program and to download the Honors Course Planning Sheet [PDF]

8. If I transfer from another institutions' honors program, am I still eligible for the Cohen Honors College?

If you transfer from another institution, and you meet all requirements of the Honors admission policy, you are welcome to apply! Up to 12 credit hours of honors from another institution may be accepted as transfer honors credit with the Honors Dean's approval. For specific advising questions, please email honors@wichita.edu.

9. How do I know if I can make it as an Honors student?

Being an Honors student is partly a matter of academic background and past achievement. If you satisfy the Honors admission criteria, you meet the standard. But at a deeper level, being an Honors student is a matter of attitude and purpose. Honors students are genuine "scholars" who love learning and the thrill of discovery. They are ambitious to know things and to develop their talents.  If you see learning as a chore, then you may be very smart but not a candidate for Honors.

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