Honors Stripe

Maintaining Eligibility

Remain in good standing in the Cohen Honors College by:

» Maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.25 and taking at least 3 Honors credits each year (that's ONE Honors class per year)

    -- and --

» Enrolling in and successfully completing at least 12 credit hours at WSU each semester (fall and spring).

NOTE: If students have fewer than 24 hours remaining in their degree program, enrollment exceptions may be granted on an individual review based on a written request.

Probation and dismissal policy for students enrolled in Honors Fall 2014 or later:

Students whose overall WSU GPA drops below 3.25 or who do not take any honors courses for a period of one year will be placed on probation and will be required to meet with an Honors Advisor or Dean. 

At the end of either the fall or spring semester immediately following the semester in which the student is put on probation (whichever comes first), the case will be reviewed by the Dean who will decide to either return the student to good standing or dismiss the student from the Honors College. 

Students also may be dismissed from the Cohen Honors College at the discretion of the Dean for violations of principles of academic integrity or other behavioral offenses.  Students may appeal dismissals from Honors to the Honors Committee.


Appeals for exception

If you have any further questions, contact our office at honors@wichita.edu, call (316) 978-3375, or drop by Shocker Hall, Building A, Room A1180.