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Undergraduate Student Research and Creative Activity Grants

Undergraduate Student Research and Creative Activity Grants

Undergraduate Student Research and Creative Activity Grants are grants of up to $1000 each to support undergraduate student research and creative/performance projects in all disciplines in collaboration with WSU faculty. Grant proposals are reviewed by faculty committee from September 1 through March 15.

Honors students are eligible to apply for a Cohen Enhancement Scholarship to support undergraduate research, creative activity, and conference travel.

Grant Winners

Matthew Ahlstedt | Mechanical Engineering
“Design and Control of a 5 DOF Wheelchair-Mounted Robotic Arm”
Dr. Yimesker Yihun | Mechanical Engineering 

Mohammad D. Akbar | General Studies, Emphasis Chemistry
“Using Smartphone and Smartwatch Data to Identify Drivers”
Dr. Jibo He | Psychology

Esther Alao | Biomedical Engineering
“Effect of mutations to non-conserved regions on structure and function of Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH)”
Dr. Moriah Beck | Chemistry

Marcus Berndt | Psychology, Biology
“Psychophysiological Effects of Virtual Reality Immersion”
Dr. Evan Palmer | Psychology

Thien Doan | Studio Art In Photography
“Cyanotype Research”
Ms. Jennifer Ray | School of Art, Design and Creative Industries

Carter Duling | Mechanical Engineering
“5 DOF Wheelchair Mounted Robotic Arm Machining and Assembly”
Dr. Yimesker  Yihun | Mechanical Engineering

Jesus Gonzalez | Biomedical Engineering
“Porous metallic coatings on magnesium”
Dr. Anil Mahapatro | Biomedical Engineering

Tiffany Massey | Political Science
“Race and Immigration in Transatlantic Context: British Racialism and American Economic Anxiety”
Dr. Neal Allen | Political Science

Jasmine Mayorga | Chemistry
“Structure analysis of pore formation of PA Fluorescence”
James Bann | Chemistry

Kory McLinn | EEO, Biological Sciences
“Herbivory Preference of White-Tailed Deer in the Riparian Zones of Konza Prairie”
Dr. Francis Leland Russell | Biology

Joseph Moss | Studio Art, Printmaking Emphasis
“Visiting Artist Demonstration: Woodblock Printing In (and Out of) the Professional Setting at the Coachella Valley Art Center, Indio, CA.”
Dr. Robert Bubp | School of Art, Design, and Creative Industries

Thao Nguyen | Biology
Examination of the antimicrobial effects of Allicin on the growth of Stapylococcus aureus in culture”
Dr. David McDonald | Biology

Erin Nisly | Political Science
“Tort Reform and Revitalization of an Industry:  Issue Dimensionality and the Necessity of Catalytic Groups”
Dr. Melvin Kahn | Political Science
Funding provided by Cohen Enhancement Scholarship

Olayinka Olaseeni | Mechanical Engineering
“Soy Protein-Based Surfactant Materials for Polymer Nanocomposites”
Dr. Bin Li | Mechanical Engineering

Tran Pham | Mechanical Engineering
“Visualizing stability and reactivity of organic cations via Quantum-Chemical computation for next-generation polymer materials design”
Dr. Shuang Gu | Mechanical Engineering

Mohd Sabra | Computer Engineering
“Virtual Academy”
Ms. Karen Milberger | EECS
Funding provided by Cohen Enhancement Scholarship

Isuri Samarakone | Psychology
“The impact of gender equality on resource allocation”
Dr. Charles Clark | Psychology

Caleb Smith | Aerospace Engineering
“Reducing aerodynamic drag in flow around circular cylinder by means of Plasma Actuation”
Dr. Brandon Buerge | Aerospace Engineering

Cassidy Treweeke | Communication Sciences and Disorders, Spanish
“American-English Phonology Exhibited on Spanish by Bilingual 5-Year-Olds”
Dr. Kathy Strattman | Communication Sciences and Disorders
Funding provided by Cohen Enhancement Scholarship

Shelby Verble | Communication Sciences and Disorders
“Acoustics of Speech Production in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder”
Dr. Douglas Parham | Communication Sciences and Disorders

Brittany Wojciechowski | Aerospace Engineering
“Bringing the 'Original Imitation Game' to Life”
Dr. Susan Sterrett | Philosophy

Samuel Womack | Biochemistry
“Site Directed Mutagenesis and FRET Analysis of Palladin Interactions”
Dr. Moriah Beck | Chemistry



Alissa Bey | Sociology
“Religiosity and Sexual Shame among Young Women”
Faculty Mentor | Jennifer Pearson

Rhonda Davis | Art, Design, and Creative Industries
“Joshua Tree Visual Documentation Project”
Faculty Mentor | Robert Bubp
Emily Dee | Sociology
"Attend the 16th Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (In Long Beach, California)"
Faculty Mentor | Kathy Perez

Logan Gisick | Psychology
“Medication Vial Search”
Faculty Mentor | Evan Palmer

Hannah Hund | Biomedical Engineering
“An Analysis of the Function of Conductive Textiles in Wearable Surface Electromyography Devices.”
Faculty Mentor | Gary Brooking

Haley Johnston | Communication Sciences and Disorders
“Speech Breathing in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder”
Faculty Mentor | Douglas Parham

Tyler Longfellow | Art, Design, and Creative Industries
“Holographic Portraiture”
Faculty Mentor | Jennifer Ray

Yatharsana Manickavasagar  | Mechanical Engineering
“Development of Thin Sample Thermal Conductivity Measurement”
Faculty Mentor | Gi Suk Hwang

Andrew Merry | Psychology
“The Use of EEG in Detecting Driver Distraction”
Faculty Mentor | Rui Ni

Aneek Noor | Mechanical Engineering
“Development of Optimal Water Management System for a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC)”
Faculty Mentor  | Gi Suk Hwang

Ehiremen Omoarebun | Aerospace Engineering
“Analyzing the Dynamics of Spacecraft with Varying Moments of Inertia”
Faculty Mentor | Atri Dutta
Lindsey Regier | Communication Sciences and Disorders
“Mother-Infant Interaction: The Role of Speech Breathing”
Faculty Mentor | Douglas Parham

Martina Salerno | Biomedical Engineering
“Laser Surface Treatment to Enhance Biointegration of Orthopedic Implants”
Faculty Mentor | Anil Mahapatro

Jennifer Smith | Biology
“Effects of fire on forb germination and survival in a south-central Kansas tallgrass prairie.”
Faculty Mentor | Gregory Houseman

Rachel Tuck | Biology, Criminal Justice, Forensic Science
“Correlation of Altitude and Latitude to the Morphological Traits of Cirsium canescens”
Faculty Mentor | F. Leland Russell

Paul Vishnefske | Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
“A study of the mechanism of material removal in bone modulation cutting”
Faculty Mentor | Wilfredo Moscoso-Kingsley

Nirosha Weeraperuma Achchi | Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
“Force and temperature in modulation assisted drilling of bone tissue”
Faculty Mentor | Wilfredo  Moscoso-Kingsley

Qi Heng Weng | Mechanical Engineering
“Development of Heterogeneously Surface Treated Gas Diffusion Layer of High Performance and Low Cost Proton-Exchange-Membrane Fuel Cells”
Faculty Mentor | Gi Suk Hwang

Alvine Wetiba | Geology
“Fracture Patterns of South-Central Kansas”
Faculty Mentor | Keith Gray

Corissa Wright | Communication Sciences and Disorders
“Augmentative and Alternative Communication”
Faculty Mentor | Julie Scherz