Academic Year Housing Rates & Contracts

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Contract Review
Contracts are an official record of the University. Please review the terms that you will be held to by agreeing to reside on campus at Wichita State.

Waiting list Information

Shocker Hall is full! Waitlist priority is based on completed housing application date and they don’t get to pick a room preferences (they are assigned to the first available Shocker Hall bed).  Waitlist students will receive a room assignment letter after they are assigned a room. For additional waiting list information Click HERE

2014-2015 Information

2014-2015 Housing and Meal Plan Rates

2014-2015 Terms and Conditions

Housing Exemption Form

Living Learning Communities

To complete a new application please make sure you log in with your myWSU ID and username

Before continuing, be sure you have disabled all browser toolbars, such as Yahoo, Google and Bing toolbars.  Having these types of toolbars enabled while completing the online application can cause problems.

Online application for 2014-2015 (August 2014-May 2015)

Online application for 2014-2015 (August 2014-May 2015)
*Use this application if you are an international student or do not have your WSU ID.*

Video Tutorials

Payment Information

Online credit card payment options for all residents
Incoming students: Use this avenue to pay for your prepayment and application fee with a credit card!