Wheatshocker Apartment FAQ's

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The following list are commonly asked questions by residents preparing to live in Wheatshocker apartments.

Wheatshocker Information

Q. If I am going to live in Wheatshocker Apartments, what will be my on campus mailing address?
  Wheatshocker Apartments
     Student Name, Apartment #
     4000 E. 17th
     Wichita, KS 67208

Q. Are the apartments in Wheatshocker furnished?
A. Yes. All rooms will be furnished with a twin bed with mattress, desk with chair and a dresser/chest.

Q. Are there a lot of studio apartments and can I have one?
. Unfortunately, there are only four studios and four accessible studios in the entire building. If you are married or a single parent you will be eligible for these types of units. If you are disabled, you may be eligible for the accessible studios.

Q. Can I have a pet in Wheatshocker?
. Only fish (maximum fish tank allowed is 20 gallons). No dogs, cats, birds, snakes, ferrets, etc.

Q. What if I only want to contract for 1/4 of a four bedroom and I do not have a preferred roommate?
. For layouts 2.3, 2.5 and 3.3, HRL will match roommates. If you lose your roommate at any time you may be required to consolidate and/or move rooms based on occupancies and vacancies.

Q. Does Wheatshocker have internet access in the apartments?
. Each apartment is wired for internet access and it is included with the price of your contract (no additional fee).

Q. If I am at least 21 years of age, is alcohol permitted in the apartments?
A. No. Alcohol is not permitted in any of the campus housing facilities.