Move In Day News and Notes

Packing List - What should I bring and what should I leave at home (click HERE)

Getting Ready:   Label all your boxes with your name, building letter and room number. This will help the WSU Move-In Crew help you! Our Move-In website has plenty of information that you will want to know, such as what to bring or not bring, a list of activities happening throughout the weekend, dining information, how to connect your computer to the network, things to do in and around Wichita, and more.

Parking and Traffic Information:   On Move-In Day, August 16th, all vehicles need to drive to the Koch Arena parking lot on the southeast corner of 21st. The University Police Department will be there directing traffic and staging vehicles to pull up to the unloading zone by Shocker Hall. Once you are directed to the unloading zone, you will need to STOP, DROP, and ROLL.
1.      STOP — in the spot you are directed to within the unloading zone.
2.      DROP — unload as quickly as possible. The WSU Move-In Crew will help! While your belongings are being unloaded, or right after, check in to your residence hall. YOU WILL NEED YOUR SHOCKER CARD TO CHECK IN TO THE BUILDING.
3.      ROLL — have someone in your party move your vehicle to a parking lot while another person stays with your belongings or begins taking them up to your room with the help of our volunteers.
*Be sure to keep moving! Prolonged parking in an unloading zone may result in ticketing or towing. Parents will not need a parking permit for Move-In. Resident parking passes will be given out at a table next to the Shocker Hall Information Desk inside the building. Please help us make Move-In Day as easy as possible by following our STOP, DROP, and ROLL motto. Thank you!

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New Cheat Sheets Now available:

Cheat Sheet 1
Cheat Sheet 2
Floor Plans with Room #'s

Waiting list is in effect :

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WICHITA, Kansas - Workers are starting to put the finishing touches on Shocker Hall, which will house almost 800 students, provide them with a dining hall and a short jaunt to classes.

“I think the location is key,” Steve Larson, WSU’s housing director, said. “Students want to get up, they don’t want to have much time in between when they get up and go to class. There will be no parking issues for them, they’re going to be able to run out of bed and go to class.”

The hall would provide a more traditional college experience for the students who land a place there, and there’s belief among administrators that the completed construction of the residence hall is another positive step toward continued growth.

PARKING INFORMATION - Check out the official HRL parking plan for 2014-2015. Click HERE

For all residents interested in living in a Shocker Hall Living Learning community, now is the time to apply. The communities will be made up of 11 different options and will include a PAL, a sponsor, and programming throughout the year. Find out more information by clicking here.

Apply today - Click HERE

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Check out a virtual walk through of a Shocker Hall Room:

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Building Renderings

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