Summer Housing Rates & Contracts

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For all summer camps and conference information please contact

The Housing Residence Life office


Room Rates (per person per night)

Without linen package With Linen Package
Double Occupancy Room - $18.00 Double Occupancy Room - $24.00
Single Occupancy Room - $25.00 Single Occupancy Room - $31.00


Food service Rates (per person)
Sodexo rates and summer cafe hours are subject to change. Please contact the Fairmount Housing and Residence Life Office at 316-978-3693 for additional information.


Breakfast - $4.95 Brunch - $6.15
Lunch - $5.90 Dinner - $7.65
Dinner - $7.65 Daily Rate - $13.80
Daily Rate - $18.75 *Breakfast is not served on weekends

*Rates are before tax

Fairmount Towers Café Summer Hours

Monday through Friday Saturday and Sunday**
Breakfast 7 am to 8:30 am Brunch 10 am to 12:30 pm
Lunch - 11:30 am to 1 pm Dinner 5 pm to 6:30 pm
Dinner - 5 pm to 6:30 pm *Breakfast is not served on weekends

**Meals purchased with a housing reservation get a slightly discounted price

Wichita State University Housing and Residence Life
Summer Program Reservation Form

Conference/Camp Information

Conference/Camp Title:  

Conference Check-In Date: Time:

Check-Out Date:   Time:

Conference Coordinator: 

Sponsoring Organization:

Address: Telephone: Fax:

City: State: Zip:


Type of Conference:  
Adult Youth

# Adult Supervisors for Youth Group:

# of female adults

# of male adults

Linen service:   

Yes No

Number of Participants in DOUBLE rooms 

Number of female participants

Number of male participants

Please list any special dietary needs: 

Number of Participants in SINGLE rooms

Total Number of Participants

Accessible Rooms Needed:      

Early Arrivals:

Yes No

If yes, # expected: Date: Time:

Early Departures: 

Yes No

If yes, # expected: Date: Time:

Number of Tables for Check-In: Number of chairs for Check-In:

Number of Tables for Check-Out: Number of chairs for Check-Out:

Food Service Information
Date # of Breakfast Attendees # of Lunch Attendees # of Dinner Attendees # of Brunch Attendees Food Service Information

• Special food services (banquets, cook-outs, snacks, etc.) are made through University Dining Services (Sodexo Corporation). Please contact David Casida at 316-978-3477 or email david.casida@sodexo.com for more information.

Housing and Residence Life Facility Reservations
Fairmount Cafeteria Private Dining Room (Date: Time: # Seated)

Fairmount Cafeteria Private Dining Room (Date: Time: # Seated)

• If more dates are needed than the space provided allows, please attach an additional sheet with the date of each reservation request and the number of attendees for each reservation request.
• Other on-campus facility arrangements should be made with appropriate offices. Refer to the Summer Conference Information Packet for more information.

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