Eligibility to Live On Campus

Financial Standing

The applicant's financial accounts with the university must be current before a contract will be considered for eligibility. Each contractor must be a student at Wichita State University. Below is a list of the eligibility criteria for each hall.

Shocker Hall
• Freshmen are required to live in Shocker Hall unless they qualify for a Freshman Exemption.
• Any Wichita State Student may live in Shocker Hall as long as there is enough space to accommodate all freshmen.

Fairmount Towers
• Sophomore status (30 credit hours at WSU).
• Transfer Student with sophomore status (24 credit hours earned after graduation from high school).
• Two semesters in Shocker Hall.
• 21 years of age or above.

All exemptions must be requested in writing to Housing and Residence Life at least two weeks prior to the anticipated contract period stated.

  • All students who have less than sophomore status with the university must complete a Freshman Exemption form to request exemption from living in Fairmount Towers or Shocker Hall.
  • Students who have not fulfilled the Freshman residency requirements will be blocked from advising and registration.
  • Students must also agree to immediately report any change in marital status or residency of dependent children. Students must provide family status information within five days of it being requested.

Contract Renewal
All residents must renew their contract for each academic year and summer session at Housing and Residence Life, 1845 Fairmount Box 141. Preference will be given to residents who renew their contract during the Contract Renewal period in the spring semester.

Subleasing of any room/apartment at Fairmount Towers or Shocker Hall is not permitted.

Students who leave the university for reasons of graduation or military activation (not enlistment) will not be assessed a cancellation fee, but will be required to pay for the weeks in residence and any incidental charges. All other cancellations may be subject to a cancellation fee. For more information please see a copy of the appropriate contract for specific details of the cancellation policy.

Room Condition Report
A room condition report (RCR) will be provided for each resident. The resident is responsible for accurately documenting all existing damage in the assigned room/apartment. Any damage not noted at the time of check-in will be repaired after the resident checks out of their living space, and repair charges will be assessed to the resident's housing account.

The RCR is used when conducting the inspection at the time the room/apartment has been vacated. Any damages found at the final inspection that are not listed on the RCR will be charged to the Fairmount and Shocker Hall resident's account. In the event that damages are recorded without a resident accepting responsibility, the total amount assessed for the damage will be divided between all of the residents in the room/apartment.