General Housing & Residence Life FAQ's

Q. What is included with my payment?
A. Room and board and all utilities (water, gas, trash, and electricity), basic cable service.

Q. Why should I live on campus and not with my parents or in an apartment complex?
A. Top 10 Reasons:

  1. Living on campus is convenient.

  2. HRL takes care of all your bills for water, gas, electric, trash, basic cable.

  3. Each building has a computer lab connected to the internet and University Library.

  4. You can park next to your building and walk to class.

  5. Security is a plus with security cadets and campus police monitoring the buildings and parking lots.

  6. You don't have to cook.

  7. You can enjoy and participate in planned social and educational activities.

  8. You can walk to the Heskett Center, the library, the RSC and other locations on campus.

  9. You can catch a Shocker game with people on your floor.

  10. You can find a sense of belonging with people just like you in pursuit of academic excellence and a degree from WSU.

Q. Are all the buildings wired for computer access?
A. Each building is completely wired and each room within the apartment has a data connection. There is no additional cost to have this access.

Q. Do I have to be a Wichita State University student to live on campus?
A. Yes. You have to be taking at least 9 hours at WSU to live on campus.

Q. May I contract for a semester only?
The only way to contract for a semester would be if you will be graduating from WSU during the contract period. Documentation will need to be presented from your college.

Q. When will I find out my room/apartment assignment and who my roommate is?
A. Our office assigns rooms on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will begin the first set of assignments in June and continue throughout the summer. Once you have been assigned you will receive a letter from HRL.

Q. What items should I bring when I move in? What items are not permitted?
A. View the Housing & Residence Life suggested packing list.