Living Learning Communities (LLC's)

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Living Learning Communities (LLC) offer unique opportunities for campus residents. At Wichita State University, we offer several types of living learning communities so you can choose the best fit for you.

When completing the housing application, students will select the living learning communities they are interested in and provide a rank indicating their level of interest. Housing assignments will be made based on the information provided on the housing application and availability.

To Apply for a Living Learning Community, simply list your preferences on your housing application. Students are placed in LLCs based on preference, availability and openings.

In order for your Living Learning Community application to be officially submitted, you must agree to all program requirements of the Living Learning Community.


Click HERE for Frequently asked questions concerning Living Learning Communities.

Below are the living learning communities offered as well as a brief description of each. Click on the title of the LLC for a full fact sheet about the LLC.  If you have questions or need more information, please contact the Coordinator designated.

Interested in exploring the different majors and careers associated with the business world? The Business Living Learning Community is for you! Students will form connections with the Barton School of Business faculty and staff and with business leaders in the community.  A variety of business career-related programs and activities will be planned throughout the year to engage students.

This community will have up to a maximum of 40 residents.

Coordinator - Randy Ware

Civic Leadership
The Civic Leadership Living Learning Community (LLC) is a community engagement and leadership focused LLC for students with any major. Students will be immersed in experiences which will give them an increased awareness of local, national and international affairs. Through the lens of civic leadership development students’ will explore their perspective of ethical, moral, and social ideals and begin to actualize the impact of service and civic duty.

This community will have up to a maximum of 25 residents.

Coordinator - Chelsea Redger

DiverseCity is open to students who want to celebrate diversity and expand their understanding of social justice and multiculturalism. Students will have opportunities to engage in dialogue and activities related to affecting worldwide change with local action, and issues of ethnicity and identities.

All residents will be required to participate in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion student mentoring program.

This community will have up to a maximum of 35 residents.

Coordinator- Natalie Toney

Students will interact with peers in and outside of the classroom through programs focused on a shared passion for helping people.  For any student interested in or considering any major in the College of Education. 

This community will have up to a maximum of 30 residents

Coordinator - Kayla Jasso

A community formed around common engineering curriculum and experiences where students live, learn, and engage together.

This community will have up to a maximum of 100 residents.

Coordinator- Alicia Newell

Fine Arts
Brings together students and faculty in the visual and performing arts and other fields to explore innovation, creativity and collaboration.

This community will will have up to a maximum of 35 residents.

Coordinator- Leann Karr

Fraternity and Sorority
Interested in joining a Fraternity or Sorority? Members of this community will have the opportunity to engage with peers about what it means to be a member of the Greek community at Wichita State University, the history and traditions of Greek life, and the fraternal principles of scholarship, service, friendship, cultural appreciation, and brotherhood/sisterhood. Enrollment in WSU 101: Greek Leadership (T/TH 11-12:15) is required for members of the LLC.

This community will have a maximum of 40 residents.

Coordinator- Chad Warrick

Health Professions

A community for students interested in exploring a broad range of career opportunities in the health fields. Members build relationship inside and outside the classroom by taking part in social, educational, and community service events.

This community will have up to a maximum of 40 residents.

Coordinator - Patty Beamer

Honors students are invited to live and learn with motivated and creative peers in the Honors Living-Learning Community. For honors students who wish to commit themselves passionately to a cause larger than themselves, put themselves in service to others and practice good citizenship. Through living and learning together, students in the Honors community prepare to be successful on campus and in the Wichita community.

This community will have up to a maximum of 50 residents.

Coordinator - Kitti Seavey

Recreation and Wellness
Your path to releasing your Shocker Spirit.  The Recreation and  Wellness community will focus on living a balanced lifestyle within the college environment. As members of the Recreation and Wellness LLC you will have the opportunity to develop healthy practices, and incorporate the seven aspects of wellness: emotional, intellectual, physical, occupational/vocational, environmental, social and spiritual.  By joining, you will become part of a team that will help you not only survive at Wichita State University, but thrive! As a member of this active and engaged community, you will be exposed to specialized, VIP-quality services, programs, and events that will create lasting memories and life-long friends.

This community will have up to a maximum of 35 residents.

Coordinator - Jeffrey Sanchez