Furniture Policy

Housing and Residence Life at Wichita State University requires the following items and policies with student furnishings in all residential facilities.

Decision to Provide Furniture for On-Campus Housing

The decision to provide furniture in all units was made for the following reasons:

  • Furnished units diminish initial and reoccurring incidents of pests, including bed bugs.
  • The lifecycle of University-owned furniture is increased by reducing movement of these items.
  • Eliminating furniture movement decreases wear and tear on the facilities.

Furniture Provided

  • twin bed with mattress
  • desk with chair
  • dresser/chest.
  • Additional rooms in Shocker hall and lobbies of both facilities will provide couches, chairs, and tables.

For all residents, personally-owned upholstered “stuffed” furniture such as sofas, chairs including large bean bags, and bed/futon mattresses, will no longer be allowed in the rooms/apartments.  Hard surfaced furniture such as tables, chairs, shelving units, night stands will be allowed as space is available.   

Please contact Housing and Residence Life at Housing.WSU@wichita.edu if you have any questions.