Summer Housing Rates & Contracts

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Summer Camp and Conference Information

Camps & Conference Housing is available in Shocker Hall. Fill out a program application to make reservation.

Summer Program Agreement
Camp and Conference Info Packet

For more information please contact:
The Housing and Residence Life Office

Wichita State University Housing and Residence Life
Summer Program Reservation Form


Conference/Camp Title:  

Conference Coordinator: 

Sponsoring Organization:

Conference Check-In Date and Time:

Check-Out Date and Time:

Address: City: State: Zip

Telephone: Fax


Building requested

Shocker Hall
Fairmount Towers

Type of Conference:  
Adult Youth

# Adult Supervisors for Group:

Linen service:   

Yes No

Estimated Total Number of Participants

Number of female participants

Number of male participants

Number of Participants in shared rooms (traditional double)

Number of participants in PRIVATE/SINGLE bedrooms

Total Number of Participants

ADA accommodations needed:      

Early Arrivals:

Yes No

If yes, # expected: Date: Time:

Food Service Information

Food service requested:


Estimated numbers for group dining rate:

Optional food service is provided by Sodexo for the dining hall and catering events. WSU camps can arrange standard daily meal service through Sodexo by contacting Samuel Cross at Samuel.Cross@Sodexo.com (316)978-7569.

Please indicate on your program reservation form if you plan on arranging meals so that we may know which meals your camp/conference plans to attend.

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