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Nearly 600 graduates of the Hugo Wall School's Master of Public Administration (MPA) program hold positions of leadership in state and local government and in nonprofit agencies throughout the United States. Although the majority are employed in public service, some graduates work in the private sector, while others have pursued additional study in law, doctoral education or other specializations.

An MPA degree offers many potential career paths and opens the doors to a range of careers. Hugo Wall School graduates hold a variety of public and private sector jobs both in Kansas, across the nation and internationally.

Positions held by Hugo Wall School's alumni:

  • Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State
  • Assistant City Manager, City of Wichita
  • Budget Analyst, City of Derby
  • City Manager, City of Hutchinson
  • Director of Finance and Administration, City of Bel Aire
  • Management Intern, Sedgwick County
  • Finance Director, City of Kechi
  • Senior Revenue Specialist, Sedgwick County
  • City Clerk, City of Cheney
  • Development and Research Assistant, WSU Foundation
  • Fundraising Director, American Heart Assocation
  • Assistant to the City Manager, City of Derby
  • Commercial Space Utilization Manager, NASA
  • City Manager, City of Wichita Falls, Texas
  • Fiscal Specialist, City of Omaha
  • Development Manager, City of Derby
  • Associate Auditor, State of Kansas Legislative Post Audit
  • Executive Director of Research, Wichita Public Schools
  • Finance Director, City of Corvallis, Ore.
  • Assistant to the City Manager, City of Derby
  • Community Development Analyst, City of Long Beach, Cali.
  • County Manager, Routt County (Steamboat Springs, Colo.)
  • Fundraising Coordinator, Muscular Dystrophy Association of Wichita
  • Management Analyst, Yolo County (Woodland, Calif.)
  • Associate Auditor, State of Kansas Legislative Post Audit
  • President, Goodwill Industries
  • National Operations Director, London nonprofit
  • Program Director, Catholic Charities
  • Chief Operations Officer, Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Assistant to the City Manager, City of Edwardsville

An MPA degree offers a variety of employment possibilities such as:

  • City Manager
  • Finance Director
  • Budget Analyst
  • Economic Development Director
  • City Clerk
  • Management Analyst
  • Public Works Director
  • Policy Analyst
  • Utility Director
  • County Manager
  • Program Director
  • City Administrator
  • Project Manager
  • Program Coordinator
  • Budget Director
  • Risk Manager
  • Contract Administrator
  • Research Analyst
  • Director of Development 
  • Associate Director of Philanthropy
  • Chief Financial Officer

See our Employment page for current public sector and nonprofit job openings in Kansas.

Employment of MPA Graduates (2013-2014)

Job Position   Graduates
Government - National or Central 0
Government - State of Kansas or Regional 3
Government - City of Wichita or Sedgwick County 11
Government - Foreign or International 0
Nonprofit - Domestic 1
Nonprofit - International 0
Private Sector - Research/Consulting 0
Private Sector - Not Research/Consulting 5
Military 0
Obtaining Further Education 1
Unemployed - Seeking Employment 0
Unemployed - Not Seeking Employmet 0
Status Unknown  0
Total Number of Graduates 21

MPA Degree Completion (2013-2014)

Graduated in
2 Years
Graduated in
3 Years
Graduated in
4 Years
Total Number of Students 37 8 19 21


Sample of MPA Graduate Internship Placements (2013-2014)

Location Paid/Unpaid Full-Time/Part-Time Amount
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas Paid Full-Time 1
City of Andover Paid Full-Time 1
City of Derby Paid Full-Time 1
City of Derby Unpaid Full-Time 1
City of El Dorado Unpaid Full-Time 1
City of Valley Center Paid Full-Time 1
City of Wichita Paid Full-Time 1
Interfaith Ministries Unpaid Full-Time 1
Sedgwick County Paid Full-Time 4
Wichita State University Foundation Paid Full-Time 2

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