State Employee Mentoring Program -- Guidelines and Procedures

As a State of Kansas employee you have the chance to help close our "mentoring gap."  Each pay period, you are eligible for up to 90 minutes of paid time to volunteer in an approved Kansas Mentors' program.  This opportunity is implemented through Bulletin 08-03.

How do I request to participate in the Kansas Mentors Program?

  • Go online to the Kansas Mentors website at http://community.ksde.org/Default.aspx?tabid=5189  to find an eligible mentoring program.
  • Contact a Kansas mentors Gold Star program to find out if they are currently accepting mentors and to begin the screening process. 
  • Submit a State Employee Mentoring Request (or pdf) form to your supervisor.
  • Once your supervisor approves the form, submit the form to Human Resources for final review.

Remember, time is granted only for mentoring that takes place during your regular work schedule.

For more information contact Human Resources:

Micah Thompson at ext. 3079
Micah.Thompson@wichita.edu or

Lana Anthis at ext. 6166

Reviewed: 01/09/14