Benefits Open Enrollment on the Internet

WSU meetings will be held in the Rhatigan Student Center, Room 265, as follows:

  • October 14th @ 9 am
  • October 15th @ 2 pm
  • October 16th @9 am
  • October 17th @ 2 pm
  • October 18th @ 9 am
  • October 21st @ 2 pm
  • October 22nd @ 9 am
  • October 23rd @ 2 pm
  • October 24th @ 9 am
  • October 25th @ 9 am

>>See Employee Self Service to Make Any Open
Enrollment Changes

>>Health Plan Premium Discounts

>>See the State Employee Health Plan Website

IMPORTANT:  For those Enrolling in Health Plan C
If you are currently age 65, or will be age 65 in 2014, you are not eligible to elect Health Plan C for plan year 2014 if you are/will be enrolled in either part of Medicare.   Members between ages 55 and 65 can make up to an additional $1,000  "catch up" contribution to their HSA each year until they entroll in Medicare.  Please see Tanya or Kim, WSU Human Resources, to complete the Age 55 Catch Up Election form.


To complete this year’s open enrollment, please access your Employee Self Service Center account to verify whether your password is active so that you can complete your 2014 benefit plan elections online. If you have forgotten your password, you may click on “Forgot Password” and follow the instructions on the screen. If you have trouble accessing your Employee Self Service account, please contact the HELP DESK at:

TOPEKA AREA—785-296-1900
TOLL FREE — 1-866-999-3001

The link to the Open Enrollment web portal is: www.kansas.gov/employee

As an active employee, you must go to the Open Enrollment website to:

  1. Review your current State Employee Health Plan (SEHP) enrollment elections.
  2. Make health plan coverage changes including adding or dropping your coverage, adding or dropping dependents, electing voluntary vision coverage, or changing pretax payment status.
  3. Choose to participate or renew participation in a Flexible Spending Account for Calendar Year 2014.
  4. If eligible, apply for HealthyKIDS program [Online enrollment only: http://www.kdheks.gov/hcf/sehp/HealthyKIDS.htm ]

Please remember to print any changes that you make online for your own records.  Benefit confirmation statements will be available for employees to view online by mid-December, 2013. The deadline to submit dependent documentation is November 8, 2013.

NO LATE ELECTIONS ARE PERMITTED.  Thursday, October 31, is the last day to make corrections to your 2014 open enrollment elections.  Please contact Human Resources at extension 3079 or 6121 if you have questions!  After October 31st, no changes can be made unless you have a qualifying event.

If you need assistance understanding the benefit plans, please contact WSU Human Resources staff:  Tanya.Wickersham@wichita.edu, ext. 3079 or Kim.Cinelli@wichita.edu, ext. 6121.