Health Plan Premium Discounts

ACT NOW...30 credits must be earned by November 15, 2014 for premium discounts  in benefit year 2015.

>>HealthQuest Program Information can be found at www.kdheks.gov/hcf/healthquest/rewards.html

Ready to get started?
Log in to the wellness portal at www.KansasHealthQuest.com  and click on “Credits Program” from the left menu to see an overview of all the options for earning credits. 

Forgot your password?
No problem!  In the “Sign In” column, click on the blue link that says “Forgot your password?”  You will be asked to provide the email address that you used when you created or last updated your account and the answer to a security question that you set up when you created the account.  Your answer is case sensitive so remember to enter it the same way it was set up.  Once the system has confirmed who you are, you will be able to reset your password – please write it down for future use. 

Don’t have a portal account yet?
Go to the wellness portal at www.KansasHealthQuest.com and, in the “Register” column, use the drop down menu to select your appropriate affiliation to the health plan.  You will be asked to provide some personal information for the system to verify that you are eligible, including your Employee ID #.  If you are unsure about your ID #, click on the blue link that says “Don’t Know Your Employee ID?” for a hint.  >>How to Create a HealthQuest Account

Need technical assistance?
Please call 1-888-275-1205 (option 9) if you need assistance with the wellness portal.  This number is also provided on the sign-in screen for convenience.

Still have questions?
Please refer to the HealthQuest website for detailed information on all programs: http://www.kdheks.gov/hcf/healthquest/default.htm