Changes to Employee Tuition Assistance Program

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The Office of Human Resources administers the employee tuition assistance program for benefits eligible, non-teaching employees of the University.  To comply with the changes made with the classified vote to move to university support staff, the guidelines and application form have been revised as of August 5, 2014 and are ready to be used for the spring semester.

>>See complete new guidelines
>>See the NEW application form

Changes to Note:

  1. Employees may apply for up to two classes in the Spring and/or Fall semesters with a combined total of up to 6 credit hours each semester .  (Summer session is still limited to one class, up to 3 credit hours, and employees are still limited to one seminar per fiscal year in a semester they are not taking a class.)
  2. Employees receiving financial aid through other programs (grants or scholarships) will be eligible for tuition assistance under this program.
  3. HR will no longer be tracking applicant’s grades.  If an applicant fails to satisfactorily complete a course paid by tuition assistance (i.e. withdraws, audits or receives a grade below a "D-") funds will be withdrawn and the employee will be responsible for payment.  Future tuition assistance will hinge on the employee being in good academic standing and not on academic probation or financial suspension.  It is essential that applicants notify shelly.kellogg@Wichita.edu of any change of Course Reference Number of classes approved for tuition assistance.
  4. Tuition assistance will be paid at the base cost of graduate or undergraduate tuition rates plus a maximum flat rate per credit hour to be applied to college and department course fees.  Any excess funds will be refunded to the tuition assistance budget and/or any additional fees will be the responsibility of the employee.  Any balance owed must be paid by the last day to drop at 100% for that semester in order to avoid late fees.

Posted on this site: 08/05/14