Veteran's Day Holiday

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The Veteran's Day Holiday will be observed on Monday, November 12, 2012 and classes are in session.  Therefore, classified employees and unclassified non-exempt employees who are required to work, shall be afforded compensatory time or compensation at the rate of one and one-half time for each hour worked.  Faculty and unclassified exempt staff who accrue annual leave and who are required to work on any listed or special holiday shall be afforded equivalent time off at a later date.

Guidelines to Know:

  1. All staff should discuss with their supervisor as to whether or not they will be working on Veteran's Day.
  2. Staff SHOULD NOT work over their scheduled hours on the holiday.
  3. All hours worked on Veteran's Day are recorded as an exception for exempt and non-exempt employees.
  4. If a non-exempt employee doesn't work their full schedule on Veteran's Day, any extra hours worked the rest of that week would be recorded as OTM.  The department is required to pay OTM as extra straight time.
  5. The codes for recording time worked on the holiday for non-exempt classified and non-exempt unclassified are HCP (Holiday Worked - Comp Earned 150) or HDP (Holiday Worked - Paid 150).
  6. The code for unclassified exempt staff who work the holiday is HCF (Holiday Worked Comp - Exempt). This is earned in 4 or 8 hour increments.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the OHR Timekeeping staff.

HR Timekeeping Staff