Donor Leave 

The donor leave policy for WSU was adopted in compliance with the State of Kansas donor leave policy per Executive Order NO. 2001-02 (https://kslib.info/DocumentCenter/View/356).  This category of paid leave for state employees provides approved recovery time away from work for employees who choose to donate organs, tissue, bone marrow, blood or blood products.

Eligible Employees

All USS and Unclassified benefits-eligible regular and probationary employees are eligible for donor leave.

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Leave Entitlement

  • Employees may receive up to 30 working days of paid leave for recovery from an organ or tissue donation procedure.
  • Employees may receive up to 7 working days of paid leave following the donation of bone marrow.
  • Employees may receive up to 1.5 hours of paid leave every 4 months for the donation of blood.  (Leave is not required for University blood drives.)
  • Employees may receive up to 3 hours of paid leave every 4 months for the donation of blood platelets or other approved blood products.

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Leave Requirements

  • Donor leave will not be counted against an employee's FMLA entitlement. (K.A.R. 1-9-27)
  • Donor leave does not count as time worked for FLSA purposes.  All donor leave will be paid at the regular rate.
  • Donor leave must be taken in quarter-hour (.25) increments and will only be paid for leave taken during regularly scheduled work hours.
  • An employee does not have to exhaust accrued vacation leave, sick leave, or compensatory time before being eligible to receive donor leave.
  • Donor leave applies only to active employees who donate organs, tissue, marrow, blood or blood products.  Donor leave may not be used to care for family members who are donors.
  • An employee shall request donor leave from their supervisor in advance of donation.

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Leave Procedures

  • Donor leave is entered in .25 increments.  The hours for non-exempt employees are entered as DON and the hours for exempt employees as DNE on the time screen.
  • Donor leave will be adjusted in accordance with the University's adjusted leave policy.
  • Departments are responsible for documenting and keeping track of donor leave usage.

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