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About the Wichita State University - YMCA Membership Discount

Great news!  Are you a benefits-eligible employee with Wichita State University or an affiliate?  If so, WSU and the Greater Wichita YMCA have partnered together to make an investment in you and your health.  Beginning Wednesday, November 1, 2017, you can save on a YMCA membership to help you reach your fullest potential in spirit, mind and body.

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How does it work?

In a commitment to your health, WSU and the YMCA are both contributing towards your annual YMCA membership fee at these rates:

WSU - $150/year  |  YMCA - $100/year + $50 joiner fee

As a result, your membership rate will be:

Adult - $16.87/month (vs $37.70) | Family - $29.07/month (vs $49.90)

Announced in December of 2017, Greater Wichita YMCA will implement a modest membership rate increase, their first rate increase since 1999. Since Wichita State just recently began a corporate partnership with the YMCA, the rate increase is being delayed an additional two months for WSU employees. Wichita State employees will see the rate change on the March 15, 2018, bank draft.

The single adult membership is increasing by $1.10 per month (less than 3 percent increase) and the family membership is increasing by $4 per month (about an 8 percent increase).

The YMCA mailed a letter to all current member's homes in December. If you have questions, please call or visit any Y location and speak to one of the membership staff.

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Who is elligible?

All benefit-eligible employees working for these State or Affiliate agencies: Wichita State University (WSU), WSU Foundation (FND), WSU Intercollegiate Athletic Association (ICAA), or The Rhatigan Student Center (RSC).

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How do I enroll?

You can join at any time. To start your membership, you need your myWSU ID and bank account information (bank routing and account #). If you start right away or during an open enrollment session, your first bankdraft will be November 15, 2017. Please note, the YMCA requires a 30-day written notice to cancel your membership and bankdraft.

Join at any Greater Wichita YMCA location!

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What if I already have a membership? 

Complete a Membership Change Form at any Y location before November 5 or during your open enrollment session to ensure you receive your membership savings in November.

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YMCA Membership Access

As with any YMCA membership, you still have access to all 9 locations, 4 waterparks, unlimited bootcamps and group exercise classes, and savings on most YMCA programs.

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If you have any questions, please email the YMCA at wsuy@ymcawichita.org, visit their website at ymcawichita.org or one of their locations near you.

Thanks for being part of the Y family. We're strengthening our community together.

Jennifer Keen
Vice President of Membership, Greater Wichita YMCA

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