Assisting Employees with Relationships with Supervisors

In working together day to day, it is normal for employees to occasionally have problems or complaints about their supervisor(s). Human Resources provides tools to aid in successful continued employment and to work out solutions to problems as quickly as possible. It is the University’s view that most problems can be resolved through informal discussions between employee(s) and supervisor(s) in the department. Employees are encouraged to talk about work-related problems with their immediate supervisor.

Employee Relations seeks to:

  • Develop and maintain a positive relationship between employees and Wichita State University through programs, guidelines and policies that ensure fairness, respect and consistent treatment for all employees
  • Provide means for conflict resolution.
  • Recognize the efforts and contributions of employees to Wichita State University and its mission
  • Assist in proactive training and development of employees and supervisors

To meet these goals, the Employee Relations function provides the following:

  • Advise employees experiencing personal problems impacting the workplace
  • Review departmental guidelines for fairness and consistency with Wichita State University policies
  • Problem solve with supervisors around employee and organizational issues
  • Assist/coach employees in managing relations with their supervisors
  • Assist employees in responding to disciplinary, corrective action process, or performance notices both informally and formally
  • Advise supervisors when considering employment action for misconduct or performance concerns to ensure compliance with Wichita State University standards and fair and consistent treatment

Reviewed 7/24/14 MJ