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The background check policy for employees and students at Wichita State University is determined by the type of employment opportunity the new employee will be filling.  The University uses a 3rd party vendor, Validity Screening Services to perform criminal background check process. 

Individuals hired through Section 3.21 (Emergency Hire) or Section 3.29 (Waiver of Search Process) will need to undergo a background check prior to hire if they meet the criteria outlined in the table below. Exemption applies only to the search process, not to the background check process.

While the Regents policy only mandates a criminal background check, the President or a University Vice President has the authority to require a criminal background check/credit check for any particular position and/or to require a more detailed report than required by federal or state law or University policy for specific positions. Any such “additional requirements” or “enhanced scrutiny” should be stated in the job advertisement. 

“State employees” hired by the Intercollegiate Athletic Association (ICAA) or the WSU Alumni Association are subject to the WSU policy/protocols. The Board of Regents policy does not apply to the WSU Foundation or employees of the affiliated corporations.

Payment for background check services is dependent on whether the funding is GU or RU.  A central fund in the Office of Human Resources (OHR) pays for all GU positions through their Business Procurement Card (BPC).  RU positions will need to be funded from RU funds by the hiring unit. OHR will assign the BPC charges for RU positions to the hiring unit. There is a report available in Banner Reporting Services, Financial Reports -- Organization, Background Check Billing Information that will allow organizations to view charges for their RU funded positions.

The Office of Human Resources will continue to do driver’s license checks internally where a certain license is a required qualification for the position.

Background Check Requirements

Background - Authorization & Release Form (pdf file)

Background Check Requirements (Rev 10/2017)
Employee Type Background Required
New Benefits Eligible Employees
  • Required if the position is expected to last longer than 6 months.
Current employees moving to new positions within the University (includes transfers, promotions or any other positions change)
  • Required if no background check is on file or for positions hired to serve at the pleasure of the President.
Employees returning to the University after a break in service
  • Required if break in service is one year OR they have never had a background check
Student Employee
  • Not required, unless the position will require the processing of credit card transactions.
Temporary Employees
  • Required if position will last 6 months or longer.
  • Required regardless of length if the position will require the processing of credit card transactions.
  • Departments may require a background check if the position will require working with underage students (ex–TRIO summer positions).
Graduate Students
  • Yes, with their first appointment.
International Graduate Students
  • Background checks conducted by Federal Homeland Security for international, non-citizen job candidates as part of the visa process will be considered adequate for University purposes and accepted as meeting the requirements of Regents policy.
  • Yes, with their first appointment.
  • Required if EE will be working directly with minors or financial transactions.  Departments may require a background check if the position will require working with underage students (ex – summer camp volunteers).

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Background Check Step by Step Process

Background - Authorization & Release Form (pdf file)

Background Check Step by Step Process
Action General Information
Applicant completes Background and Reference Release Authorization The search chair should give the candidate the handout attached to the consent form, which contains the Summary of Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Remedying the Effects of Identity Theft.  All applicants coming to campus for an interview should sign the Background and Reference Release Authorization.
Search Chair fills out the bottom of the consent form. The bottom section of the form should be completed by the search chair for the candidate selected for hire.
Completed consent form is approved. The only approval required for the background check is that of the search chair.
Approved form is sent to Human Resources (HR). Completed forms should be sent to Tonya Cruz, Human Resources, Box 15.
HR will process the background request. HR will begin the background request by sending the selected candidate a link to the online background verification process, which is completed through Validity Screening Services.
The selected candidate completes the background request online. The selected employee will click on the link provided by HR and complete the online the online process with Validity Screening Services.
Validity completes the background check process Validity completes both a criminal and sex offender search and sends a report to HR with the final results.
HR reviews the background report – report contains no issues. HR will notify the search chair indicating that no issues have been identified by the criminal background check.  The search chair can proceed to finalize the contingent oral offer and HR will proceed with the hiring proposal once the approval is given by the divisional approver.
HR reviews the background report – a report is “flagged”. NOTE:  A criminal record will not automatically disqualify a candidate from University employment.
HR will review the nature of the flagged conviction, taking into consideration the seriousness of the criminal conviction, the length of time since the conviction, the relationship of the conviction to the position applied for, employment history since the conviction, the candidates self-report of the conviction, and other pertinent information.
After reviewing the information outlined above, HR may decide to “approve” the hire of the selected candidate.  If this occurs, the hiring activity continues following the established process.
HR may also deem it necessary to have further discussions concerning the conviction with the hiring department/division. All discussions at this stage should be confidential and information should only be shared with those who are directly involved in the hiring decision.
HR will make a decision on the flagged conviction – continue with the hiring process or contact the hiring division/department.
If the hiring division/department is contacted, a final decision is made regarding the offer.  If the “flagged report” requires consideration of the withdrawal of the oral offer of employment, the General Counsel’s office should be brought in. If confirmed that withdrawal must be considered, the affected prospective employee should be notified and given an opportunity to comment/explain in accordance with requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other applicable legislation before a final decision is made by the University. Prospective employee will be given a summary of protections of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
If a decision is made to withdraw the contingent oral offer of employment, the divisional contact will be the one to inform/advise the prospective employee, working with General Counsel’s Office. The prospective employee should be advised that said decision is final.

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