Timekeeping Procedures: Contacts

Contact for Record Discrepancies:
If you have extracted time (PHATIME) and there are employee records that should be on your list (PHIETIM) and are not, you need to re-extract records by selecting Transaction Status of Not Started in PHATIME a couple of days before signoff deadline.  If record is still not extracted, please contact:

• Faculty: Nancy.Thompson@wichita.edu or ext. 6162
• Unclassified Professionals: Nancy.Thompson@wichita.edu or ext. 6162
• Hourly Unclassified: Lyndsay Pletcher@wichita.edu or ext. 6151
• Lecturers: Lyndsay Pletcher@wichita.edu or ext. 6151
• University Support Staff: Margene.Webster@wichita.edu or ext. 6149
• Regular/work study and Graduate students: Margene.Webster@wichita.edu or ext. 6149

Contact for Timekeeping Entry Concerns
Questions concerning timekeeping entries contact:

Lyndsay Pletcher@wichita.edu or ext. 6151
• Margene.Webster@wichita.edu or ext. 6149
• Nancy.Thompson@wichita.edu or ext. 6162

Contact for Reporting Leave
Include employee's name, myWSU ID, position number, organization number, dates and hours absent and reason for leave.

• E-mail to:  timekeeping@wichita.edu
• Fax to:  978-3201

The following types of leave are entered by the timekeeping staff in OHR:

• Administrative Leave [ADM]
• Disaster Leave [DIS] – include copy of certification
• Leave Without Pay [LWP]
• Shared Leave
• Workers' Compensation [WCA]

The following types of leave are entered by the department; but must be reported to the timekeeping staff in OHR:

• Donor Leave (note dates and hours in report to OHR timekeeping)
• Military Leave – include copy of Military Orders

Revised:  02/06/2017

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