Enroll in a Training or Workshop

To enroll within the myWSU portal:

  1. Login to myWSU with your ID and password.Randi training
  2. Select the Faculty/Staff tab.
  3. Click the myTraining link.
  4. A new tab will open. Hover over "myTraining Options" tab.
  5. Select either Events Calendar (to view upcoming courses) or Browse myTraining (to view courses by title or subject).
  6. Once you find a session you want to enroll in, select the "Request" button to be added to the roster.

Use the Employee Tour on the homepage of myTraining for help with withdrawing from a course or accessing your transcript.

Questions? Contact mytraining@wichita.edu.

Training Topics
View our list of training topics hosted by Human Resources.

If you need additional assistance or don't have access to a computer, you may call the Human Resources Training Coordinator at 978-6683.

 Reviewed 02/16/2017 RL