Research Publications

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List of Publications


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
DOT/FAA/AR-03/59  Experimental Study of Supercooled Large Droplet Impingement Effects 
DOT/FAA/AR-05/23  Development of a Reference Liquid Water Content Probe
DOT/FAA/AR-05/39  Experimental Investigation of Ice Accretion Effects on a Swept Wing
DOT/FAA/AR-05/42  Computational Study of Large Droplet Breakup in the Vicinity of an Airfoil 
DOT/FAA/AR-08/13  Experimental Study of Supercooled Large Drop Impingement on Ice Shapes
DOT/FAA/AR-96/81  Overview of Experimental Water Droplet Impingement Research  


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
NASA CR 4257 An Experimental Method for Measuring Water Droplet
Impingement Efficiency on Two- and Three-Dimensional Bodies
NASA CR 4636 Experimental Water Droplet Impingement Data on Airfoils,
Simulated Ice Shapes, an Engine Inlet and a Finite Wing
NASA/TM2002-211557 Ice Accretions on a Swept GLC-305 Airfoil
NASA/TM2002-211700 Experimental Investigation of Water Droplet Impingement on Airfoils,
Finite Wings, and an S-Duct Engine Inlet
NASA/TM2007-213959 Large and Small Droplet Impingement Data on Airfoils and
Two Simulated Ice Shapes
NASA/TM2007-213961  Water Droplet Impingement on Simulated Glaze, Mixed,
and Rime Ice Accretions