Master of Innovation Design (MID)

The complexity of today’s technology requires innovators from multiple disciplines to come together as a team and translate ideas into something transforming through non-traditional means. The Master in Innovation Design (MID) curriculum will merge Arts, Science, and Technology curricula, creating opportunities for students and faculty to collaborate across WSU’s colleges. The MID program will be individualized for each student and will focus on developing students’ “design thinking skills.” These include the capabilities to:

  • Develop creative solutions
  • Effectively communicate
  • Practice entrepreneurship
  • Develop prototypes

The development of these capabilities will be grounded in a research-based, academic curriculum. The program will engage with businesses and focus on innovation, product development, effective communication, flexibility, and small business generation. 

After completing the program, students should have developed a:

  • Portfolio, patent application, process, or prototype
  • Willingness and ability to experiment with their ideas
  • Network of individuals and businesses with whom they can continue to collaborate
  • Desire to continue to design solutions to problems they identity