Undergraduate Programs

           The Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IMfgE) department at WSU takes responsibility for instruction and research in design, analysis and operation of manufacturing and other integrated systems of people, material, equipment and capital. IMfgE Department offers curricula and educational experience designed and continuously improved through the involvement and contribution of its constituents: students and alumni, potential employers of program graduates, and faculty.

The IMfgE department offers two undergraduate degree programs; one in Industrial Engineering (BSIE) and another in Manufacturing Engineering  (BSMfE).Modern, well-equipped laboratories are available to supplement classroom theory in ergonomics, manufacturing engineering, and computer analysis. The department’s laboratory facilities include: Graphics Lab, Metrology Lab, CIM Lab, Cessna Manufacturing Processes Lab, Ergonomics/Human Factors Lab, Non-Traditional Machining Lab, Advanced Manufacturing Process Lab, Rapid Prototyping, Virtual Reality Development Lab, Graduate Computing Lab, Open Computing Lab. Students in the academic programs offered by the industrial and manufacturing engineering department get ample opportunity to work on real-life problems in local industries as part of course and project requirements.


What is industrial engineering? This video describes how IEs improve operations, safety, quality, and cost at amusement parks, NASA, hospitals, factories, and more.