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I am  a professor and graduate coordinator  in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department at Wichita State University. My research interests is on applied optimization, sustainable engineering, energy efficient production planning, transportation/logistics and healthcare  management. Please check my personal webpage if you would like to learn more about me.  Below you will find how you can contact me, advising process and  answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

My office hours during Fall  2015 semester is Monday/Wednesday 1pm-2pm, or by appointment. Please email  (bayram.yildirim@wichita.edu) or call (316-978 3426) me for an appointment. Please provide me few alternative time slots.

Advising Process

As graduate coordinator, I am the faculty advisor for  new graduate students, certificate programs students, and students who choose an all-course option Masters Program such as Masters in Engineering Management, and  Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering.  All new graduate students will be provided with advice on courses to be taken during their  first semester and a clear map of the program  requirements each student must meet to complete the program. This planning must be documented on a Plan of Study.  

Plan of Study

Graduate students must file a plan of study (POS)  in their first semester. POS forms and sample POS are available via the Links for Graduate Students. During your study at IME, revising a POS may be needed for a variety of reasons, e.g.,  a student may   take another course which is not listed on his/her POS, or student has a new advisor to pursue for a program with project, thesis or dissertation. Sample  POS to illustrate how  updates can be made are also available.

All graduate students should take an appointment to discuss your POS. I highly encourage you to take the following steps during this process:

  1. Check the POSs available on the Links for Graduate Students webpage
  2. Prepare your POS, and email the POS to the graduate coordinator
  3. Please be on time for your appointment, and have a hard copy of your POS with you. I may have scheduled several other appointments. If you are not on time, we may need to postpone your appointment.
  4. Please check-in at the IME front desk when you arrive for your appointment.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Questions on Financial Support (Teaching and Research Assistantships): Many graduate students are provided graduate assistantships where they are expected to perform assigned duties.  These assistantships are offered based on availability of funds, student capability and background, and faculty or program needs.  Funding decisions are usually not made before a student has been admitted.
  2. Questions on enrollment in the semester of graduation: All graduate students should enroll in a terminal activity at the semester of graduation. This terminal activity is registration to dissertation, thesis, project, or graduate seminar hours for MSIE and PhD program.  In addition, an external certification may also be considered as a terminal activity for MSIE students.  
  3. Answers to FAQs on the Graduate School Website: Please check the FAQs at the Grad School Website to learn more on Application and Admissions Process, Graduate Assistantships, Financial Assistance and Awards, Enrollment Issues, Academics and Degree Completion