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Dr. Pingfeng Wang    

Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering            
Wichita State University
Office: EB-120E 
Phone:(316) 978-5910
Email: pingfeng.wang@wichita.edu

I am the graduate coordinator of the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME) department. As the graduate coordinator, I am the point of contact for prospective and current graduate students regarding the IME graduate programs. 

There are three very convenient ways you can meet with me:

1.  Attend the IME Graduate Program OpenLab 
Every one week or two, there will be OpenLab time scheduled for the IME Graduate Program, where you can sign up and attend. During the OpenLab time, the graduate coordinator (or another departmental faculty member) will be there to help you, such as answering questions, handling graduate program related paperwork, evaluating plan of studies (POS), as well as signing necessary forms for the IME graduate students. This is so far the best and the most efficient way to help you solve any problem you may have related to your graduate study. 
You will have to signup for the OpenLab event. Please visit the Graduate OpenLab page for information of upcoming OpenLab events.

2. Meet me during my office hours
My Office Hours:  Monday and Wednesday from 2:00 pm to 3:30pm.  

3. Making an appointment with me through Email
If both the first and the second ways do not work, please send me an email to make an appointment (pingfeng.wang@wichita.edu). Note: please make sure you have "IME Grad Appointment" in the Email's subject line, and also make your appointment at least one day before your desired meeting time.