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Cultural Ambassador Program (CAP)

The Wichita State University's Cultural Ambassador Program (CAP) is dedicated to bringing global cultural awareness on the WSU campus and in the greater Wichita community

Meet the CAP Members

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Akari (Japan)
Undergraduate – Sociology & Education

Akari is an exchange student from Japan, studying sociology and education. She really likes interacting with kids and her dream is to be a teacher. Knowing new things is one of her pleasures. Her motto is “do what you can do, when you can, as much as you can.” She speaks Japanese and English.


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Amanuel (Ethiopia)
Undergraduate – Mechanical Engineering
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Daisy (Kenya)
Undergraduate – Psychology

My name is Daisy I was born and raised in Kenya, now studying biochemistry and pre-medicine here at WSU. The idea of travelling the world, exploring and learning about new cultures intrigues me and played a major role in me becoming an international student. It is also one of the reasons why I joined CAP as I believe that the only way we can be able to relate to other people cultures and to be able to come to grips with their ways of life is if we are open to learn the innate reasons as to why they do what they do and I can achieve this through CAP by giving presentations on my country to different audiences. I enjoy staying fit, healthy, and active through working out and swimming, I also like to try new foods as this is my favorite part of learning about different cultures. I speak English, Kiswahili and Kisii.

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Farida (Nigeria)
Undergraduate – Aerospace Engineering
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Haneesha (India)
Undergraduate – Biological Sciences

Haneesha is a senior in Biomedical Sciences with minors in Geology, Chemistry, Human Resources and Management. She is from India and preserves her culture with immense happiness and integrity. She is dedicated to performing her leadership duties, empowering individuals, interacting with people, and being involved in compassionate activities. She likes to envision an amicable future filled with surprises and loves when people of different cultures come together. She speaks Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and English.

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Leila (Morocco)
Undergraduate – Communication

Leila is a Communication major from Morocco. She later plans on specializing in either strategic communication or marketing.

She is very fond of languages and speaks four fluently: Arabic, Darija, French and English. She’s also in the process of learning her fifth one: Japanese.

Leila loves traveling. In addition to the U.S., she’s been to France, Spain, and Germany, and her goal is to see all 50 states. She loves presenting in front of an audience to enlighten them about a country they may have never heard about. She is a pleasant and charismatic person that does her best to accomplish any duty given to her.

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Severina (Kenya)
Graduate – Interdisciplinary Studies

Severina is a graduate student in Liberal Arts (Interdisciplinary) majoring in Community Psychology, Sociology and a Women's studies.  She is from Kenya and she is an advocate of girl-child and women issues. In Kenya, she worked with the community to empower young girls who are at a risk of FGM, early marriages, violence and child labor. As a motivational speaker, she hopes to engage with the Wichita community and share about the beauty of Kenya to foster diversity in learning institutions. Her passion is to see communities unite to support children in schools and  build a non-violent society.

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Sornsakon “Peach” (Thailand)
Undergraduate – Industrial Engineering

Peach is a junior from Thailand studying Industrial Engineering with minors in Mathematics and Marketing. In addition to being a Cultural Ambassador, he is also a Global Mentor for the Office of International Education, helping first-year international students adapt to college as well as American culture. He is passionate about cooking, especially Asian cuisine or Thai cuisine. He believes that good food is one of the most important factors of comfort, he likes to use his passion to provide comfort to people and also bring awareness of the diversity of cuisines. He speaks Thai and English.

Request a CAP Presentation

Do you want to invite a Cultural Ambassador to your Office/School/Organization/Event? Follow the steps below:

  1. Choose a presentation format:
    # Presentations using slide shows, music and artifacts
    # Demonstrations by an international student
    # Lessons on greetings, phrases, etc., in a foreign language
    # Cultural seminars and workshops.
    # Discussion panels
    # Other
  2. Request a presentation
  3. Evaluate a presentation

Become a CAP member

If you are interested in applying to be a Cultural Ambassador for the next school year, click here for program requirements and how to apply. Thank you!