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Cultural Ambassador Program (CAP)

Consider the problems arising from the gap U.S. citizens have in their knowledge about other countries and cultures.  Now, consider the many international students studying at WSU and all that we can learn from them.  Students involved in the Cultural Ambassador Program introduce a realistic and personal element to learning more about other countries and cultures.  


The Wichita State University's Cultural Ambassador Program (CAP) is dedicated to bringing cultural awareness to the classroom and community.


  • To provide a comfortable setting for the exchange of ideas, beliefs, and points of view.
  • To enliven study units in courses such as world geography, history, literature, art, music, and civics.
  • To provide a basis for a comparative analysis of culture
  • To enable international visitors to gain a better understanding of U.S. culture, attitudes, and ideas through interaction with Wichitans.


Current CAP Member Profills (coming soon)
Do you want to bring a Cultural Ambassador to your Office/School/Organization/Events? Follow the steps below

  1. Choose a presentation format:
    # Presentations using slide shows, music and artifacts
    # Demonstrations by an international student
    # Lessons on greetings, phrases, etc., in a foreign language
    # Cultural seminars and workshops.
    # Discussion panels
    # Other
  2. Request a presentation
  3. Evaluate a presentation

Become a CAP member

If you are interested in applying to be a Cultural Ambassador for the next school year, click here for program requirements and how to apply. Thank you!