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Cultural Ambassador Invitation Process


  1. Think of a type of service/program you would like to have. Choose a presentation format:
    # Presentations using slide shows, music and artifacts
    # Demonstrations by an international student
    # Lessons on greetings, phrases, etc., in a foreign language
    # Cultural seminars and workshops.
    # Discussion panels
    # Other
  2. Contact the International Education Office at WSU to request a Cultural Abassador to assist with your educational and civic goals.  (Please allow at least one to two weeks for a visit to be arranged.)
  3. If possible, arrange transportation for your visitors if they do not have their own car. (Parents or organization volunteers have enjoyed this travel time.)
  4. Please complete Student Evaluation form online after the visit.  

Please note that we are not always able to fulfill a request.  

What others say about CAP? 

"Words cannot adequately express the gratitude we have for your CAP students and their willingness to share with our students during our International Fair.  The knowledge and information gained through the sharing of the culture and language of their countries is immeasurable.  Our students were exposed to a variety of information that could long influence lives.”

Billy L. Breckenridge / Jane McIntosh 
Ingalls Elementary School

“The Cultural Ambassadors provided a lot of critical information and insight on healthcare practices in their countries to my Physical Therapy students.  They also relayed the cultural issues that they face in the U.S., which in turn helped our students understand what they will experience when working with a diverse population in clinical settings after graduation.”

Dr. Camilla Wilson
Associate Professor & Chair,
Physical Therapy Dept., WSU

“Thank you for having the CAP student speak at Linwood Senior Center about Africa.  Once again, the presentation was wonderful.  Everyone loved the dance and song.  They also presented so many interesting facts about Ghana’s people and land."

Sheryl Trask
Linwood Senior Center

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