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 Tax Forms

Filing FEDERAL Income Tax

GLACIER Tax Prep (GTP) will prepare the required tax forms for you:

U.S. Tax Residency Status Received Income in 2017 Tax Forms
Nonresidence Alien Yes 1040NR/1040NR-EZ, 8843
Nonresidence Alien No 8843
Residence Alien Yes or No Do NOT use GTP

All nonresident aliens for tax purposes, including F-2 and J-2 visa holders, are required to file Form 8843 even if you had no income from the U.S. in 2017. You do not need to have a Social Security Number (SSN) or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to submit Form 8843.

If you are determined a resident alien, you should NOT use GTP to prepare your tax forms. You may use commercially purchased tax return software to file your state and federal income tax. You may also contact the Office for Student Money Management, or visit the IRS website to find free tax return preparation by Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Find a VITA Site Near You.

Filing incorrect forms can result in a $100.00 fine plus interest. IRS is gearing up to crack down on incorrect filing. Beware! The Government can audit the tax return for up to 7 years. You should keep the copy of your tax filing information for at least 7 years.

Filing STATE Income Tax

The State of Kansas offers a user-friendly website KS WebFile for filing Kansas Individual Income Tax Returns. 

If you need assistance with State Tax preparation, you may contact the Office for Student Money Management.


The 2017 Income Tax Return deadline is April 17, 2018.

ALWAYS KEEP A COPY OF THE RETURN FOR YOUR RECORDS.  You will need this information when you file your tax next year.  Also, if the government has any question about your return, it is always good to have a copy.  It costs you money if you request a copy of the return from the government.

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