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Intensive English Estimated Expenses
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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above figures are averages. Actual housing expenditures depend on: 1) the residence hall or apartment in which the student lives, 2) whether or not the student has a roommate, and 3) the student's meal plan. Students should bring extra money for personal expenses. International students are required to have medical insurance. Students who do not have medical insurance when they arrive may purchase insurance during enrollment. All international students will be tested for tuberculosis (TB) after they arrive.

International Student Fee
Starting for Fall 2014, all new students (and returning students who have not enrolled at WSU in the last 12 months) will be required to pay a one-time International Student Fee of $200. This fee covers the cost of Orientation, activities, and other services that benefit currently enrolled international students. The fee is not refundable after the 100% refund deadline.

If you live on campus in the residence halls, your parking permit is included (for one vehicle). If you do not live in the residence halls, but drive a car and wish to park on campus, there is a $120 parking permit fee per year ($60 for motorcycles). 
Please visit: http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=parking&p=/index_pending/ for more details.

The cost-of-living in Wichita is very low in comparison to other cities in the US -- especially cities on the coasts. In fact, the cost-of-living in Wichita is less than half that of living in New York or San Francisco. Our low cost-of-living is also reflected in the cost of our tuition. Even though Wichita State is a national university with an excellent reputation, we are often less expensive than other universities in the US -- even universities which might offer you a partial scholarship. Check out: