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How to Request Readmission

(International Undergraduate or Intensive English)

STEP 1 -  View Our Reapplication Deadlines and Service Levels

             • Premium Service ($145) - 3 business days for processing plus shipping by DHL
             • Standard Service ($70) -  2-3 weeks for processing plus shipping by DHL

             IMPORTANT NOTE:  In order to reactivate your SEVIS record and prepare a new
             I-20, we must contact the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and request
             the reactivation of your SEVIS record.  DHS has been taking a few weeks to
             complete these requests.  Even though we will complete the processing of your
             request for readmission in the estimated time for the Service Level you pay for,
             we cannot control how quickly DHS will take to reactivate your SEVIS record.  For
             this reason, you should be prepared for delays in the preparation of your new I-20.

STEP 2 - Pay the Reapplication Fee By Credit Card
•  You must pay the reapplication fee before submitting your readmission application.

STEP 3 - Complete the Online Readmission Application.

STEP 4 - Print and Complete a Certification of Financial Support           
              •  Submit financial documentation dated less
                 than six months ago.

STEP 5 - Obtain Official Transcripts from Schools you Attended Since you Last Applied
  We need official transcripts from any high school, university, college, or institute
                   you attended.
               •  Transcripts from U.S. and Canadian schools must be posted directly from the
               •  Transfer students may be asked to submit syllabi at a later date, if needed.

STEP 6 - Scan All of Your Application Materials
               •  Scan your official transcripts, Certification of Financial Support and financial
                  documentation, test results (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT or ACT), passport copy, etc.
               •  If you have met our English Proficiency requirement, it's important that you
                  upload your scores with your transcripts and financial documentation.

               •  Scan your documents into pdf (Adobe Reader format), if possible.

STEP 7 - Electronically Submit Your Application Materials
              •  If for some reason you cannot electronically submit your transcripts, they may
                 be posted to our address below.
              •  Note:  Transcripts from U.S. and Canadian schools should NOT be sent
                 electronically.  Transcripts from U.S. and Canadian school must be posted to
                 us directly from the school.  View Transcript requirements from Your Country
                 Our address is:
                      Office of International Education
                      Wichita State University
                      1845 Fairmount Street
                      Wichita, Kansas  67260-0122  USA

STEP 8  - Bring Your Official Transcripts with You to Wichita
             • If you electronically submitted your transcripts and you are accepted for readmission,
               you will need to mail an official copy of your transcript or bring it with you when you
               travel to Wichita.  To be official, transcripts must be an original or photocopy
               stamped/signed by a school official, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of
               Education, or other government authority.  Attestations by notary publics MAY NOT
               be accepted. View Transcript requirements from Your Country for more details.