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How to Apply for
International Undergraduate
or Intensive English Admission


STEP 1 -  View Our Deadlines and Service Levels

             • Premium Service ($250) - 3 business days for processing plus shipping by DHL
             • Standard Service ($150) -  2-3 weeks for processing plus shipping by DHL
             • Basic Service ($75) - 5-6 weeks plus 3-5 weeks for shipping by airmail

STEP 2 - Apply Online and Pay the Application Fee By Credit Card
•  You may print an application and mail it to us but this will delay the processing of
                your application.

STEP 3 - Print and Complete a Certification of Financial Support

STEP 4 - Obtain Official Transcripts
 We need official transcripts from all high schools, universities, colleges, or
                  institutes you attended
               •  Transcripts from U.S. and Canadian schools must be posted to us
               •  Transfer students may be asked to submit syllabi at a later date, if needed.                              •   For students from Saudi Arabia with SACM sponsorship please print and                                complete an Online Course Certification form.

STEP 5 - Scan All of Your Application Materials

  • Scan your official transcripts, Certification of Financial Support and financial
    documentation, test results (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT or ACT), passport copy, etc.
  • If you have met our TOEFL or IELTS requirement, it's important that you
    upload your scores with your transcripts and financial documentation.
  •  Official transcripts must include the back of the transcript if it is not blank.
  •  Scan your documents into pdf (Adobe Reader format), if possible.

STEP 6 - Electronically Submit Your Application Materials
               NOTE THE FOLLOWING:
               A)  Include the student's name when you create the file to be uploaded.  Examples:
                     •  Michael Jackson Financial Statement.pdf
                     •  Taylor Swift Transcript.pdf
               B)  Do NOT upload the same documents multiple times.  We will automatically email
                     you within 2 business days to confirm the receipt of your documents.  After your
                     documents are uploaded, we will process your application according to the
                     Service Level you paid for.  
               C)  Do NOT share a DropBox folder with us.  You should upload all documents
                    one at a time to our account.
               D)  Do NOT zip (or compress) files that you upload.  
               E)  Do NOT upload transcripts from U.S. and Canadian schools.  Transcripts from
                     U.S. and Canadian schools must be posted to us directly from the school.  Our
                     address is:
                                             Office of International Education
                                                   Wichita State University
                                                    1845 Fairmount Street
                                           Wichita, Kansas  67260-0122  USA

STEP 7 - Send Your Official Test Scores
             • If you uploaded your SAT/ACT test scores, don't forget that you must have your official
               results sent to us directly from the examination company.
             • SAT/ACT Scores: Optional for Freshmen Admission.   View Details

STEP 8 - Update Your Email Address Book
             • We will email you when your application arrives and after we review your
             • Add international@wichita.edu to your email contacts or address book to avoid our
               messages going to your Spam or Junk Folder.

STEP 9 - Bring Your Official Transcripts with You to Wichita
             • If you electronically submitted your transcripts and you are accepted for admission,
               you will need to bring your official transcript (in English) with you when you travel to
               Wichita.  To be official, transcripts must be an original or photocopy stamped/signed
               by a school official, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, or other
               government authority.  Attestations by notary publics are NOT accepted.