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How to Apply for International
Undergraduate Admission

STEP 1 - Print an International Undergraduate Application or Apply Online

STEP 2 - Submit the Certification of Financial Support

STEP 3 - Submit the US$65 Application Fee and Optional US$60 Express Mail Fee
How to Pay

STEP 4 - Submit Official Transcripts      Transcript Requirements for Your Country

STEP 5 - Send Your Official Test Scores
               • All test scores must be sent to us directly from the examination company.
               • Score reports that were issued to students will not be accepted.
               • TOEFL/IELTS Scores: Not required when you apply for admission. Can be
                 sent later.  View Details
               • SAT/ACT Scores: Optional for Freshmen Admission.   View Details

STEP 6 - Transfer Students
               • We may ask you for syllabi later if they are needed.
               • Syllabi not required when you apply for admission.   View Details

STEP 7 - Post Your Application Materials to:  

     Wichita State University
     International Education
     1845 Fairmount Street
     Wichita, Kansas 67260-0122 USA

STEP 8 - Update Your Email Address Book
               • We will email you when your application arrives and after we review your application.
               • Add international@wichita.edu to your email contacts or address book to avoid our
                 messages going to your Spam or Junk Folder.