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How to Apply for
International Admission

(Undergraduate or Intensive English)


STEP 1 -  Decide How Fast You Want Admission

               •  View our Service Levels and Deadlines
                   Premium Service ($250) - 3 business days GUARANTEED with DHL shipping
                   Standard Service ($150) -  2 to 3 weeks with DHL shipping
                   Basic Service ($75) - 5 to 6 weeks with airmail shipping

STEP 2 - Apply for Admission

               •  STUDENTS:  Apply Online Now!
               •  AGENTS:  Apply Online for Your Students!   (Request a login)
               •  Print an application and mail it to us (not recommended)

STEP 3 - Prepare All Documents Required to Apply

               A)  Certification of Financial Support (Required!)

               B)  Bank Statement or Financial Documents (Required!)

              C)  Official transcripts from all high schools, universities, 
                    colleges, or institutes you attended.  (Required!)
                    •  View Transcript Requirements from Your Country
                    •  Transcripts from U.S. and Canadian schools must
                       be sent to Wichita State directly from the school.     

              D)  Test results (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, or ACT)

              E)  Copy of your passport name page              

STEP 4 - Scan and Upload      Upload to DropBox Now!

               •  Include the student's name when you create the file to be uploaded.  Examples:
                   -  Michael Jackson Financial Statement.pdf
                   -  Taylor Swift Transcript.pdf
               •  You will be required to bring your official transcripts with you to Wichita.