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Transfer Credit and Exemptions

To be considered for transfer credit (exemptions) from another college or university outside of the U.S., please follow the steps below.

STEP 1 -- View Special Transfer Credit Information for:

STEP 2 – Apply to Wichita State University 

STEP 3 – Submit Syllabi

  • Syllabi are detailed descriptions of the classes that you studied, the amount of time that you spent in lectures or laboratories, and more.    Example of a Syllabus
  • If syllabi are needed, your Admissions Officer will inform you.  You should then send the syllabi as soon as possible.  
  • All syllabi must be in English.
  • Student may translate syllabi if an English version is not offered by the school.
  • Send syllabi to your Admissions Officer (please see your admission letter for contact information).

STEP 4 -- Submit Official Transcripts

  • Unofficial transcripts are used to determine admission, however official transcripts are needed to perform a degree audit. It is in your best interest to provide transcripts now rather than to wait until you arrive at WSU.
  • To be official, transcripts must be originals OR photocopies (in English) bearing the original stamp, or seal of the school, and original signature of your school’s official, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or another government authority.  If the school is unwilling to attest a copy in English, please provide an officially-attested copy in the original language, accompanied by an English translation that is attested by the official translator that does the translation. 
  • Please send your transcripts to:
                                                 Office of International Education
                                                        Wichita State University
                                                        1845 Fairmount Street
                                               Wichita, Kansas  67260-0122  USA

STEP 5 -- Determination of Equivalencies

  • We will send your syllabi to the WSU department which offers a comparable class.
  • This evaluation process can sometimes take 2 months or longer to complete.

STEP 6 – Degree Audit Evaluation

  • This step determines if transferred classes meet graduation requirements for your specific major.
  • A degree audit evaluation will not be completed without official copies of your transcripts.
  • For example, if you took an Algebra class at your previous school and we determined in Step 4 that it is equivalent to the Algebra class offered at WSU, your Algebra class would meet a degree requirement if you majored in Psychology but not if you majored in Electrical Engineering.   
  • This evaluation will determine the number of classes and the approximate number of semesters you will need in order to graduate from Wichita State.
  • Degree audit evaluations take approximately 2-4 weeks to complete.