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Study Abroad Application Process


Step 1:  Attend one of our Study Abroad Information Sessions held at Garvey International Center.

Step 2:  Check Study Abroad Requirements and Deadlines.

  • Review the study abroad checklist.  For Exchange Partner universities click HERE.
    ISEP exchange programs click HERE.

Step 3:  Schedule an appointment:
  • Call 316-978-3232 to schedule an appointment.  
Step 4:  Complete WSU Study Abroad Application Process.
Step 5:  Complete application for the specific study abroad program you want to apply for. 
  • Each program has different application and the requirements can vary
  • Applications Fees can also vary. (No application fee for WSU exchanges)
  • Check specific program for requirements, deadlines, fees, etc.  Email studyabroad@wichita.edu for any help.