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Come talk with people who can help you make your dream of studying in another country a reality! A summer, semester or a year abroad can be affordable and keep you right on schedule for graduation. Find out about programs all over the world where you can study everything from Business to History and Engineering to Fine Arts.

Study Abroad

Turn your semester into a great adventure.

Twenty years from now,you may not remember the atomic weight of beryllium, how to divide square roots, or the countries that signed the Versailles Treaty, but if you study abroad with Wichita State, we guarantee there will be least one part of college you'll never forget.

When you study abroad, you get a unique opportunity to learn more about yourself and where you come from. In the Office of International Education, we can give you the chance to study anywhere from Australia to Ghana (and virtually everywhere in between) for up to one year while earning credit toward your degree. You'll get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore your world, experience more of what it has to offer, and expand your knowledge of how it all fits together. You'll create lasting friendships with people from different backgrounds and discover customs you never knew existed. Prepare yourself for an adventure of a lifetime!

Opportunities include:

Faculty-led programs

These programs are directly tied to WSU and are led by members of the University's faculty. A few of the programs include opportunities to study Spanish in Mexico, Anthropology in Belize, and Fine Arts in Europe.

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

As the largest student exchange program in the world, ISEP allows students to choose from over 100 international sites where they can live and study for a summer, a semester, or a year. ISEP sites range from Spain and Denmark to Korea and Italy. In fact, there are so many great destinations, it can be hard to pick just one luckily

you don't have to. Thanks to the program's unique flexibility, you can spend one semester in one location and the next semester in another.

WSU Exchange Programs

This is your basic foreign exchange program. Wichita State agrees to admit one foreign exchange student from a selected university for every one of our students they accept. Currently, WSU has agreements with universities in France, Japan, Australia, Germany, Austria, China, Mexico, Peru, New Zealand, Sweden and England.

Independent Programs

While these programs are not directly associated with WSU, they are also excellent ways to study in another country and earn credit toward your degree. We can help you choose a program that's right for you and guide you through the application process.

If you can dream it, we can help you make it happen

Studying abroad doesn't have to be just a fantasy. If you're curious, determined to try new things, interested in meeting new people and discovering new places, then international education could become your reality.

Still not sure you can do it?

Let us clear up your doubts.

Studying abroad isn't as expensive as you might think. Opportunities, such as those offered through the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), include housing and meals while costing just slightly more than what you would pay for in-state tuition plus living expenses. Almost all financial aid can be applied (including Pell Grants) and there are even specific scholarships available for most programs. With ISEP, the only additional costs you'd be responsible for include travel arrangements and documents, health insurance, books, and personal expenses.

You don't even have to speak a foreign language. If you do, great, but you can also select from 17 countries where classes are taught in English.

You won't fall behind. You can choose to attend a school that offers courses in your field of study and work with your advisor to make sure your credit hours will transfer toward your undergraduate or graduate degree. For undergraduates, 24 of the last 30 hours towards your degree must be earned on campus, so it's usually best to study abroad before your senior year.

Every journey begins with a step.

Call (316) 978-3232 and ask to speak with the study abroad advisor or you can email the advisor at studyabroad@wichita.edu. From there we'll help you learn about the opportunities available and find a program that's right for you.

Visit us at the Garvey International Center on the corner of 17th and Hillside, or go online to: www.wichita.edu/studyabroad.



WSU Digest - Study Abroad

Wichita State offers several programs that allow students to study abroad for a semester or an academic year. The credits earned abroad count towards graduation at WSU. The Study Abroad Department would like to extend its support to WSU classrooms. We would like to present our study abroad and exchange opportunities available at WSU.

Students can study in all parts of the world regardless of major. Study Abroad Coordinators can also suggest major-specific programs in certain countries.

We would like any feedback to help us organize and execute this request into the classroom. Helpful information would include, interest in our classroom presentation, length of time we would have to conduct the presentation, and known programs / sites of interest.

Our main goal is to get the information out to the student body about the advantages of studying abroad and the feasibility of our programs here at WSU.

Please contact the study abroad coordinator at 316-978-3232 or via email at studyabroad@wichita.edu with comments.