Spring 2015 Wu Wednesday Event Registration

Wu Wednesdays are hosted every Wednesday during the academic semester. The goal of Wu Wednesday is to spread Shocker Pride throughout the campus. Departments and student groups are encouraged to host events on these designated days to help educate the campus on services and programs that are available.

To help out, Student Involvement provides publicity for each registered event.  We provide:

  • The event listed on the SI and WSU’s web events calendars
  • Posting on social media outlets
  • Working with departments to create individual posters for each event
  • The actual postering around campus for your event will be at your own discretion.



Contact Person:


Phone Number

Campus/Mailing Address

Event Information to be used in Wu Wednesday Publicity Campaign

Event Name:

Event Date(s)  (We will try to limit each Wednesday to 2 events.  Dates will be given on a first come, first serve basis.  Please pick 2 dates that would work best for you.)

January 21: 
January 28: 
February 4:  
February 11:
February 18:
February 25:
March 4:       
March 11:     
March 25:     
April 1:          
April 8:          
April 15:        
April 22:        
April 29:        
May 6:           

Potential Start Time:

Potential End Time:


Event Location must be reserved through proper venue following approval of event date

Event Description (100 words or less)

Student Involvement reserves the right to deny or terminate any events that are not planned completely or are deemed inapprorpriate for the people in attendance.

Questions? Call 978-3022 or e-mail Jeff Nilsen at jeffrey.nilsen@wichita.edu