RSO Workshop Series

Spring 2016

Managing Elections

February 11, 11 a.m., RSC 264

It’s coming to that time of the year when it is time for your organization to elect new leadership! This workshop will focus on giving student organization leaders and members the tools they need to effectively manage group elections. At this workshop, we will discuss best practices and different methods for electing new leaders to executive positions.

Officer Recruitment and Transitions

February 26, 1 p.m., RSC 256

So you’ve chosen new leadership for your student organization. Now what? This workshop will focus on giving your organization’s executive members the tools they need to successfully transition new officers into their roles. From best practices on record keeping, to the final transition meeting, you will be prepared to pass the torch after attending this workshop.

Diversity is in Our DNA

March 23, 3 p.m., RSC 256

We are living in an increasingly diverse nation at an increasingly diverse university. It is important to recognize the diversity of ourselves, those around us and others. This workshop will discuss ways to understand and appreciate diversity and will focus on diversity at WSU

Effectively Running Meetings

March 28, 2:30 p.m., RSC 256

Being the leader of a student organization comes with a lot of responsibility, one of which is to effectively manage time and resources during organizational meetings. This workshop will discuss different ways to effectively run organizational meetings as well as different techniques and procedures to aid discussion in meetings.

Navigating the Renewal Process

April 18, 3:30 p.m., RSC 256

A big step in maintaining your RSO status at WSU is to ensure that you are ready to meet all the needs and requirements of the renewal process. This workshop will discuss the actions needed to maintain RSO status, including OrgSync renewal, training requirements, and more.

UBIT Presentation for Students

Multiple Dates & Times

Do you want to learn how to help friends, classmates, roommates and others who may be struggling? The University Behavior Intervention Team (UBIT) is offering training sessions to provide students with tools they can utilize to help prevent individuals from harming themselves or others and assist persons in need. For more information about UBIT or to report a concerning behavior please visit wichtia.edu/UBIT.

Career Development Workshops for RSO Leaders

Multiple Dates & Times

These collaborative workshops will give RSO members the tools they need to effectively market their skills acquired as an organizational leader to their resumes, interviewing and beyond!



RSO Workshop Registration

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Career Development: Resume Building Feb. 4 10:30 a.m. RSC 207
Managing Elections Feb. 11 11 a.m. RSC 264
UBIT Presentation for Students Feb. 17 3 p.m.** RSC 261
Officer Recruitment and Trainsitions Feb. 26 1 p.m. RSC 256
Career Development: Intervieiwing & Etiquette Mar. 2 1 p.m. RSC 261
UBIT Presentation for Students Mar. 4 11:30 a.m. RSC 319
Diversity is in Our DNA Mar. 23 3 p.m. RSC 256
Career Development: The Job Search Mar. 24 1 p.m. RSC 261
UBIT Presentation for Students Mar. 28 1:30 p.m. RSC 319
Effectively Running Meetings Mar. 28 2:30 p.m. RSC 256
Career Development: The Grad School Search Apr. 8 11 a.m. RSC 202
Navigating the Renewal Process Apr. 18 3:30 p.m. RSC 256
UBIT Presentation for Students Apr. 21 1:30 p.m. RSC 261


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To register for advisor training, please visit wichita.edu/rsoadvisor_training.

To register for OrgSync training, please visit wichita.edu/orgsynctraining.

To register for Safe Zone LGBTQ training, please visit wichita.edu/safezone.

To request a training from Student Health Services, please visit their Educational Presentations webpage.

**Indicates that the workshop time has been updated from the previously listed time.