RSO Chartering Process

Mission Statement
Student Involvement is committed to students by intentionally creating co-curricular experiences which engage and develop, resulting in a vibrant campus culture that enhances their journey as a Shocker! 

Chartering Process
Student Involvement assists students in starting new student organizations that address areas of interest which are not offered through other RSOs. The process is a collaboration of the office and the Student Government Association. The following steps are required in establishing a new student organization at Wichita State University:

1. Determine name and purpose of the student organization
Think about and select the name of the organization as well as what its purpose is and why it would be valuable to add this organization to the WSU community. Groups should not include WSU, Wichita State University or Wichita State in their name.

2. Check for duplicity
Review list of RSOs – www.wsu.orgsync.com - to ensure no other organization has a similar purpose.  If there is another organization with a similar purpose, we encourage you to contact this organization about joining them.

3. Find other interested students
Cultivate interest and recruit other students to become members (5 member minimum). Exceptions can be made, recruitment events must be approved by Student Involvement.

4. Organization must have a president who is a current WSU student in good standing.

5. Find a full-time faculty or staff advisor (employed by Wichita State)
Asking someone in person is the best way to approach this step. Think about faculty or staff members that you have interacted with and feel comfortable talking with; they will be your best choice.  If your organization is more skills based, try to find someone who will be a good resource, teacher or coach. Groups without an advisor will not be approved. If at any time an advisor resigns, the student group has one month to find a replacement.   

6. Draft a constitution
Guidelines for creating a constitution as well as the sample constitution can be found in the Student Organization & Advisor Handbook or on the Student Involvement website. Writing the constitution will probably raise lots of questions. Attempt to answer the ones you can and save the rest for the meeting with the Coordinator for Student Organizations.

Below are the required elements of the constitution:

  • The name of the organization.
  • Purpose statement – Your goals and programming should connect clearly to this purpose. This purpose statement will be used in publications advertising your organization.
  • Qualification of membership – what does it take to be a member of your RSO?
  • President must be a WSU student currently enrolled in good standing.
  • Officer position and structure – how are your officer positions selected and organized?
  • Ratification date – when did you ratify your constitution?
  • Inclusion of WSU faculty or staff advisor information.
  • Inclusion of this statement: “The Organization and its members agree to adhere to city/state/national laws and University policies.”
  • How to remove a member, officer or advisor from the organization.
  • Officer qualifications and duties.
  • How to amend the constitution.
  • Meetings of the organization, how often, how are they run?
  • Statement defining specific executives and advisor with signatory power.
  • Statement of non-hazing

7. Schedule a meeting with the Coordinator for Student Organizations
Call (316) 978.3022 or visit the Student Involvement office to set a meeting. Bring all of the information gathered in Steps one (1) through six (6) with you to the meeting.  During the meeting you will:
A. Jointly determine the category for the RSO – www.wsu.orgsync.com
B. Discuss responsibilities and benefits of being a RSO
C. Review your constitution and complete Recognition Chartering Form
D. Discuss any questions or concerns

8. Tentatively complete the online registration process with updated roster and organization details on OrgSync. www.wsu.orgsync.com - select Student Organization Recognition Form

9. Return all required paperwork to Student Involvement. The paperwork will then be passed along to the Student Government Association, Organizational Outreach Committee. Once approved it will go to SGA Senate and be voted upon to be recognized as an RSO. 

10. A new RSO!
Once you fully complete all of these steps your organization will receive a recognition e-mail and has officially become a Recognized Student Organization at Wichita State University. A file will be kept in Student Involvement and can be assessed upon request. Congratulations!

All new Student Organizations chartered after the Nuts & Bolts Conference must complete a minimum of three (3) Student Organization Workshops in the semester of their chartering.

For questions or further information, please contact Chas Thompson, Coordinator of Student Organizations at charles.thompson@wichita.edu