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Around the World at Noon

Fall 2014
(November 18th)



Around the World at Noon is a unique event where international students coming from diverse backgrounds showcase their countries/cultures by putting colorful and attractive displays in Hubbard Hall.

To make this event possible, we are looking for individuals or groups who are interested in showcasing their country's culture to the WSU community. Each participant country/organization will decorate a 6 by 3 foot table with anything that is unique to their country.

The Deans of selected WSU Colleges will judge each table by deciding which best represents a country’s culture; the winner will receive a $50 gift card. The judging criteria will be discussed at the participants’ information meeting but in general, country tables should be informative, interesting, well designed and visually exciting. Cultural activities such as Henna tattoos, face painting, or anything that is a traditional activity in your country is also welcome. Games and other interactive activities are highly encouraged. (Food is not allowed.)