International Student Union Trips

In an effort to bring together international students and increase the team spirit, the ISU has started organizing trips for the International Student Union Executive Committee.

The first of this trip took place on the weekend of Father’s Day, on June 19th and 20th 2010.

The trip started on Friday June 18th when six members of the ISU executive committee and the advisors started the weekend trip to lake Tahlequah. The first stop was downtown Tulsa where they briefly took a downtown night time tour. That was followed by an overnight stay in a hotel room, and then the next morning they visited the Oral Roberts University.

The students had fun visiting and learning about the architecture of the university and its unique monuments such as the praying hands.

In the afternoon, the group started their journey to Tahlequah for camping. The camp ground was selected, and the tents were erected. For many it was a first-time experience. Adeline and Raymond who had camped in the past, along with Shan Jabara, an experienced camper provided the leadership. However, we could not keep the students away from the river and within minutes all of them were in knee deep water.

The group also had fun building a camp fire. AbdulAziz took care to keep the fire lit and the whole group cooked on the fire. A brief scare of rainfall make the whole group run helter skelter to secure the food, and other belongings. But later the night transitioned into singing, stories, games, and a light sleep.

The next day the challenge began to dismantle the tenets, pack them, and then go for canoeing. The initial energy gave way to thirst, exhaustion, and heat problems. Very often the team had to take a dip in water to cool off their bodies and enjoy swimming with the fishes.

Finally, the back journey started around 6.00 p.m. with a brief break for dinner.

True to the warning, the trip was a unique mixture of fun, adventure, workout, and a natural tanning experience.

The ISU intends to make this an annual event, and so please keep checking our website and activities for future trips.