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Bolorchimeg Jargalsaikhan

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"I'm studying Electrical Engineering in WSU and graduating this semester. I've been in Wichita for 4 years now and been involved with ISU for 3 years and half. ISU is my second family away from my family. Every year I make many new memories with ISU and those are my greatest moments that I will remember from my College life. Besides ISU, I like learning new cultures and making new friends from all over the world. Specially trying new exotic food."



Dilanki Terranska
(Sri Lanka)

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Marie Yoshimizu

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Gregory Onchoke

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"I  moved to the US in 2006. Am currently have working on my masters in Nursing with specialization in Family practice. Am married and have 2.5 year old son. Joining ISU has increased my knowledge of the different cultures we have here at WSU. I have also learnt the importance of team work and respect for each team member. I look forward to meeting more people and working together with the WSU community."

Pickup Coordinator

        Chris Benson      (India)

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Director of Publicity

         Nitish Varma         (India)

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Graphic Designer

         Jorge Radriguez        (USA)


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      Romesh Jayathilake     (Sri Lanka)

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"Hey, I am a Junior in Bachelors in Computer Science. WSU was a strang environment for me when I first came here. But after I met this crazy and funny guys in ISU it started to feel like my own homeland. I think ISU is the best place for an international to join.Out of the many event that ISU organizes  All the Worlds' on Stage is my favourite event."

Director of Events

Dhanachandra Lakshan
(Sri Lanka)

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Director of Recruiment &    Development        

Nisal Gunasekara
(Sri Lanka)

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"I'm a Junior in Mechanical Engineering and hope to graduate in Fall 2016. I love dogs specially Dalmations and Labradors. My hobbies are waching movies and disturbing my roomamte in the middle of the night. I joined ISU in spring 2014."


        Navneeth Nikanch      (India)

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Mohammad Aldakhil
(Representing Saudi Arabia)

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Isuri Samarakone

(Representating Sri Lanka)

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Ahmed Aslam

(Representing Pakistan)

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"Graduate student in Engineering Management Joined WSU and ISU in Fall 2014with the purpose ofpromoting Pakistani culture and traditions. Hobbies include music and spending time at the gym doing nothing ( wink wink ) but yeah I play Squash!"


Alan Dsouza, Ph.D. JPEG Image


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